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Around the Rheum is the official podcast of the Canadian Rheumatology Association. Our goal is to share a Canadian perspective within the world of rheumatology through stories, in-depth subject matter features, clinical advice, interviews and more. 

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Episode 1:
Medical Cannabis
In our inaugural episode, we interview Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, the lead author of the Canadian Rheumatology Association’s position statement on Medical Cannabis (published in 2019).
Episode 2:
Academic or Community
We're joined by Dr. Michelle Teo and Dr. Janet Pope in a discussion about the merits as well as the pitfalls of the two main streams in rheumatology, community or academic.
Episode 3:
PIMS and the Paediatric COVID-19 Experience
Dr. Marie-Paule Morin guides us through the evolving literature around a new clinical entity: Paediatric inflammatory multi-system syndrome (PIMS). Dr. Morin works in Montreal, QC, a Canadian hotspot for COVID-19, and has first-hand experience working with children suspected of having PIMS. 
Episode 4:
Rheum on the Wards - Two Rheumatologists’ Experiences Working on the COVID-19 Wards in Montreal, QC.
In this episode, we talk to two Rheumatologists in Montreal, Dr. Marie Hudson and Dr. Sabrina Fallavolita, who are at the epicenter of the pandemic in Canada. Listen in on a discussion about their experiences as they set aside their practices to help on the COVID-19 wards of the Jewish General Hospital.
Episode 5:
Let Us Take You to CanRIO - The Canadian Research Group of Rheumatology in Immuno-Oncology

Listen in on a conversation with two of the founding members of the Canadian Research Group of Rheumatology in Immuno-Oncology (CanRIO), Dr. Carrie Ye and Dr. Shahin Jamal, about an expanding area of rheumatology practice and research.
Episode 6:
Changing Rheums - Rheumatology Training and COVID-19

Our host is joined by two Rheumatology Fellows, Dr. Azin Ahrari and Dr. Peter van Stolk, to learn about the impact of the virus on their training.
Episode 7:
The Ultrasound Rheum: Diagnosis and Management of Large Vessel Vasculitis

In this episode, Dr. Mohammad Bardi and Dr. Jean-Paul Makhzoum joins us to discuss the importance of ultrasound in the diagnosis and management of large vessel vasculitis, advancements that have been made in recent years, and the best ways to successfully assess and apply what is learned from the ultrasound scans.
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