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Joy Strategies 

For Your Success in the Business of Life

In This Issue...

  • Never Postpone Joy
  • Allison is the Coach for WBUR's Project Louise
  • ARA Welcomes Consultant, Catherine Robbins
  • Industrial Psychologist & LinkedIn Influencer, Marla Gottschalk, Discusses How "The Joy of Strategy" Guides Us in "Getting Out of Our Own Way: Employing a Life Strategy"
  • Ask the Coach
  • Guest Post from Jen Shirkani:  "Increasing Your Joy Through Higher EQ"

Dear Friends of Allison Rimm and Associates,

Did you make a New Year's resolution this year?

Since the release of The Joy of Strategy, I've been writing and speaking extensively about how to make 2014 the year that you make real progress toward making your dreams a reality. How can you make this year different? Instead of just making a resolution to achieve a goal that fades with the memory of that New Year's Eve champagne toast, try making a plan. Research and my own experience show that if you set measurable, achievable goals and make a specific plan for how you will achieve those goals, you are much more likely to meet with success than just having a vague intention to do so. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Carey Goldberg, Co-host of WBUR;s CommonHealth Blog understands how tough it can be to accomplish your goals when you are busy with family, career and the other demands of daily life. That's why she came up with the concept for the year-long series Project Louise: An Everywoman Sets Out To Get Healthier.  Louise Kennedy, well known for her longtime drama coverage at The Boston Globe is now head of WBUR’s community engagement efforts. Introducing her, Carey says Louise "has gamely agreed to become a sort of a travel writer for CommonHealth: In the coming year, she’ll undertake a quest to break her bad habits and get healthier, exploring the realms of exercise, diet, stress reduction and behavioral change in search of what will work for her — and perhaps for you, too." I'm delighted to serve as her coach through this adventure and we've gotten off to a great start.  More on that below..

Working with Louise to set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals for the year, one thing was very clear to me - we must not wait until we achieve those goals to be happy. That notion has inspired my latest article, Never Postpone Joy. 

As this year unfolds, I encourage you to think about something you'd like to achieve, and make a plan to make it happen. What is one small, doable step you can take TODAY toward making it a reality?  Then get going.

With My Warm Wishes,



Never Postpone Joy

As I've been working with my coaching and consulting clients to set and achieve their personal and professional goals, we've been very busy keeping our eyes on the prize. That's a good thing. But... that's not the only thing.

Yes, it is crucial to set goals and make a plan if you want to optimize your chances of achieving them and fulfilling your vision of success. But focusing too much on your goals becomes a problem if you find yourself saying "I will be happy when..." I close the deal, get the promotion, lose the weight, marry the woman of my dreams or any wish on your list.


Allison is the Coach for WBUR's "Project Louise"

This year, it is such a pleasure to be coaching WBUR's Louise Kennedy as she commits to adopting a healthier life style as she performs the delicate balance many working parents struggle to strike. And like those many others, in her quest to meet the needs of her family and her employer, her own health and wellbeing took a back seat. She has generously agreed to chronicle her journey through her weekly guest posts on WBUR's CommonHealth. I love that among her goals for the year are to "take better care of myself" and to "feel at home with myself". She is wise and witty and an amazing writer to boot. If you aren't caught up, I recommend you start with her first post: Project Louise: An American Everywoman Sets Out To Get Healthier


ARA Welcomes Consultant, Catherine Robbins

I am pleased to welcome Catherine Robbins as ARA's newest consultant.  Cathy is Chair of the Health Care MBA Program and an award-winning Professor of Practice at the Simmons School of Management. She has served as VP of Finance at Partners Healthcare, CFO at Massachusetts General Hospital, and VP of Cain Brothers Investment Bank.  Her expertise in strategy, business planning, and financial management brings new depth to ARA's consulting services. 


Industrial Psychologist and LinkedIn Influencer,
Marla Gottschalk Discusses how The Joy of Strategy
is a great guide for: 


"Getting Out of Our Own Way:
Employing a Life Strategy" 

At times, we’ve all felt a bit lost — and finding our way back to the right path is imperative. The process can prove both confusing and painful. Often, we believe that the root problem lies externally; the wrong boss, team or organization. But, are we overlooking the obvious? In fact, looking inward might just be the best place to begin. Truth be told, we put enough obstacles in our own career paths, to last more than a lifetime. When it comes down to it — we are usually right there in the mix, adding to our own troubles.

What if you could find that vital guidance, that mantra of direction, to actually get out of your own way once and for all? Well, developing a life strategy may be the needed prescription. It’s not fluff — it’s just plain smart.


Author of Ego Vs. EQ, Jen Shirkani Shares
"Increasing Your Joy Through Higher EQ"

I’m delighted to share author Jen Shirkani’s insights into how your emotional intelligence skills can increase your joy on and off the job. She says that people with high EQ know they are responsible for their own happiness and that it is within your reach.  Read on to find out how to go get it.

The Joy of Strategy

The Joy of Strategy Audiobook is Now Available! 


Upcoming Events 


Join us Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 5:30pm for a
Joy of Strategy
book event hosted by
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The Women's Bar Association.

Click here for details. 


Need an Inspiring Speaker for Your Next Event?

Allison is available to speak on a variety of professional and leadership development topics.  Her signature talk, Creating Strategies for Success in Business and in Life, inspires listeners by showing them how to put a new twist on proven, effective business planning to create soul-satisfying success. Go to our speaking page to learn about the speaking package that is just right for your organization.

Ask the Coach

Q: My wife and I are both reading your book. We started the joy process individually, so that we could each define our mission/vision without being influenced by the other.  We do intend to be on this journey together, and I believe that we have a general consensus on our path.  My question is, at what point do we share our individual mission/vision statements, in order to make it a single mission and vision?

A: It’s wonderful that you and your wife are doing this process together. I’d suggest that you individually create your own mission and vision statements, and prepare your individual goals and plans. After you’ve each given consideration to your own plans and have become familiar with the process, you can come together to create a joint plan for your life together. After considering career, family, community and mind/body/spirit priorities, think of your individual plans coming together in each of these realms as appropriate in concentric circles. Where does it make sense for each of you to pursue some goals own your own, and where do your goals overlap? 

Continue to the Ask the Coach section at the bottom of the Joy of Strategy page to see how Allison finished this question and others. 

Do you need new strategies to help you succeed in business and in life? Send your questions to with subject line: Ask the Coach

"There's no
such thing as
a wrong note
as long as 
singing it."


-Pete Seeger

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