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In This Issue...

  • New HBR Post: "Use a Task Map to Improve Your Team's Performance"
  • Podcast of Interview with Shawn Murphy on "Work That Matters"
  • Guest Post from Suzanne Bates: "Using 'Zig-Zag' Leadership to Amplify Your Executive Presence"
  • My Article on Communications on "Your Method Sends a Message"
  • Keeping Up with WBUR's Project Louise

Dear Friends of Allison Rimm and Associates,

As we've witnessed some of the world's most elite athletes in action at the Olympics, I've turned my attention to the talents of everyday heroes in the workplace. When people are put into roles where their responsibilities take full advantage of their talents and passions, they turn out a superior performance and work is a joyful place to be. In my latest article for Harvard Business Review, I share a simple, actionable tool leaders can use to make sure their people are deployed to positions that allow them to use their skills and give them ample opportunity to work on projects they enjoy.  

This month's newsletter celebrates meaningful work and offers tips, tools and techniques to make that possible. Couldn't we all use a little more joy at work? Try some of these simple techniques and let me know how they work for you.

With My Warm Wishes,


New Harvard Business Review Post: 


"Use a Task Map to Improve Your Team’s Performance"

If you’ve noticed your team is functioning unevenly and its esprit de corps isn’t what you’d hoped, it’s time for you to ask yourself whether your people are deployed optimally.

Employees’ skills and interests can evolve over time, as can the goals of your group, so misalignment can happen without your noticing it. That person who was hired to do analysis but has blossomed into a first-rate motivator and loves working with groups: Is he still stuck in front of a computer doing analysis? Is the employee who was recruited as a trainer feeling frustrated because she has no opportunity to take advantage of her extraordinary talent for writing?

I’ve found that there’s a powerful way to answer questions like these: Create a task map.

In Case You Missed It ... 


Best-Selling Author, Suzanne Bates, Shares
"Using 'Zig-Zag Leadership' to Amplify Your Executive Presence"

I am pleased to share a guest post from my esteemed colleague and best-selling author, Suzanne Bates, who reminds us of the importance of checking in with your colleagues regularly.  She goes so far as to schedule the “spontaneous” visits that are so essential to maintaining our precious relationships. 


Are you guilty of these common email mistakes? "Your Method Sends a Message"

I recently had the pleasure of guest posting on, a blog co-founded by Shawn Murphy and Ted Coiné, that offers guidance and inspiration on the "human side of business". It is a bustling hub for soul-nourishing workplace content. I encourage you to add them to your reading list!

Everyone is so busy all the time. You probably barely have time to read this article. So it’s tempting to cut corners wherever you can. But, in communications and relationships, particularly in this digital age, what can save you a few seconds in the short term can cost you hours, or even business in the long run. It’s tempting to do everything by email (or even faster modes like texting and instagramming, etc.), but I’ve spent a good portion of my time as an executive coach helping my clients unwind the damage they’ve done in the name of expedience.  And, I’ve fired a contractor or two because I got sick of being “cyber scolded” with terse emails. So let’s try to save you this trouble.

For more Switch and Shift content, I invite you to read a blog collective I participated in called the "Meaningful Work Carnival". It includes contributions from a slew of thought leaders on the topic of meaningful work. Read the Meaningful Work Carnival

Keeping Up With WBUR's Project Louise

This Week's Post on #ProjectLouise:
I Lost 175 Pounds This Week 

Read as Project Louise readies for more progress with 175 pounds worth of clutter removal.


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Shawn Murphy interviews Allison for his Work that Matters Podcast: "Essentials to Doing Work that Matters"

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of being Shawn Murphy's guest on his Work that Matters podcast. Listen as we discuss how to create greater meaning by defining our purpose, our vision of success, and strategies to lead a fulfilling life.
 Listen to the podcast.


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