Solid Fuel Appliance Surcharge Increase

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Bulletin for MAX Agents
Date:  March 14, 2016                                Bulletin No.:  16-003
State(s):  Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia
Line(s) of Business:  Homeowners and Farmowners
Effective Dates:  4/15/2016 New Business; 5/1/2016 Renewal Business


Based on a review of our expenses and the increased risk related to Solid Fuel Appliances, MutualAid eXchange (MAX) is increasing the Solid Fuel Appliance surcharge from $50 to $100.  When a solid fuel appliance is installed in the residence and/or a related private structure as either a primary or secondary heat source, a flat charge of $100 per installed appliance will be charged. 

Solid fuel appliances include free-standing wood stoves, wood stove inserts attached to a fireplace, freestanding hearth-mounted wood stoves and free-standing corn or pellet stoves.  

Why the increase?
Simply stated, we have raised our price because of the risk that Solid Fuel Appliances have for our members as well as the increased underwriting and inspection costs MAX incurs whenever a solid fuel appliance is present.  We prescribe to the most recent National Fire Protection Association standards as well as Underwriter Laboratories for specific unit requirements to help ensure that the solid fuel installations are as safe as possible both for our members and the MAX membership as a whole.  Our vision of creating and sustaining wholeness is the reason we require additional inspections and underwriting for solid fuel appliances. The wholeness of our members - their property, lives and communities - is why MAX exists.  
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Scott Gillaspie                                                                                 
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Chris Vardiman
Underwriting Manager 
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