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Date:  November 24, 2015                                                             Bulletin No.:  15-019
State(s):  Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Line(s) of Business:  Homeowners

Effective Dates
New Business         January 1, 2016
Renewal Business         January 15, 2016
As part of our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our members, MAX is introducing Service Line coverage for our Homeowners program.  This new Service Line endorsement will provide coverage for direct physical loss to a service line, which is normally excluded under the standard Homeowners policy.

Service Line Coverage AvailableEffective January 1, 2016 for New Business and January 15, 2016 for Renewal Business,  MAX will begin offering this optional coverage for Homeowner policies.  You must manually add it at renewal.

View a Marketing Flyer about this new coverage here 

In addition, we have a Frequently Asked Questions flyer which includes anticipated questions and suggested answers when discussing Service Line Coverage.  View the FAQ flyer here.  

The following is a brief summary of the Service Line coverage and a link to the HO coverage form:
Homeowners Forms HO 0002, HO 0003 and HO 0005 may be modified to include loss resulting from service line damage. The HO MSL01 – Service Line Coverage form provides a $10,000 per occurrence limit with a $500 deductible. The annual cost to the insured is $30 per policy.  Click here to view a copy of the Endorsement HO MSL01.

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