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Pont Neuf, Paris, France. March, 2013.

Ivan Makarov Photography

Newsletter #1, July 2013

Welcome to the first issue of the Ivan Makarov Photography newsletter! 

I created a signup list on my photography website almost a year ago when I updated the design. Visitors kept signing up, but I never published an actual letter! I decided to fix that and will be releasing a new letter each month. 

My goals for this newsletter are very simple.

First, I want to share news about my photography - whether it be new work I'm shooting, or trips I've taken, or other photography-related projects.

Second, I'll use it to share general thoughts on photography. It's been a huge part of my life for years now, and even a bigger part now that I actually work at SmugMug, one of the bigger players in the industry. I'm not a professional photographer, at least as in the old definition as someone who derives his living from shooting pictures. But yet just about everything I do, every day for work or for pleasure, revolves around photography. For this, I feel very lucky and I look forward to sharing with you some of the things we do and talk about. 

Third, I'd like to use this newsletter as a chance to give back to my friends who follow my work. Sometimes it'll be in a form of a discount on prints. Other times (like today!), I'll use the newsletter as a platform to give away my prints. 

At the end of the day, while I'm mostly shooting for myself, I don't believe in keeping my work just to myself. I love sharing my vision with others. For me, sharing photographs online or in print gives my work a higher purpose and I'm going to keep doing it in all different ways. 

So thanks for joining me on this ride, and I hope it'll be worth your time!

My Recent Projects

The last six months have been quite good to me so far in terms of new material to shoot.

Back around Christmas, I found myself in the middle of a huge snow storm in Sanpete County, Utah where we were visiting my in-laws. It was a blast to go outside, and see nothing but trees and snow, as if everything else disappeared. Snow muted all the color around me, and I could only see things that were grey, or white, like I transported myself into the black and white world. You can see this set of photographs here

In March, I went on a business trip to the UK. While there, I had an afternoon to kill, and I stopped by the Liverpool Cathedral, which impressed me with its size and architecture. It was also very photography friendly, and I was able to roam around with my tripod and SLR for three hours without anyone bothering me. See the set from that visit here.   

On my way home, I stopped in Paris. Having never been there, I didn't know that it was perhaps not the most non-picturesque time to visit. But I was awestruck, and was able to make a few photographs anyway, which I'll be posting in the coming weeks.  

Besides the photography itself, this spring I helped launch a new volume of the Plus One Collection. This year's volume features terrific artwork from ~300 Google+ photographers and the proceeds from the book sales will benefit The Kilgoris Project. I'm very grateful for all those who contributed to the project, and very proud of the finished product. 

New Work

From Sanpete Storm, Utah. December, 2012

From Liverpool Cathedral

From a quick trip to Tahoe in April, taken near Stockton

Print Giveaway

You're read thus far, and here's your reward! To celebrate the launch of my newsletter, I'm giving away prints to anyone who wants a small print of my work!

To get yours, visit any of my galleries from now until the end of Wednesday of this week (Pacific time), click on the shopping cart button on the left, pick a 8x12 or 8x8 print if it's square, and during the checkout, use this code to get a free print - "Newsletter1" (you'll enter the code in the very end of the checkout process).  Prints will be fulfilled by my good friends at Bay Photo, who I trust for all my printing needs. 

Want a bigger print? The coupon is also good to get $17 off your order.

I'll also enter all those who get their free print into a drawing for one of my fine art "Special Edition" prints, which I print myself - and will announce the winner in the next newsletter.
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