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Happy Summer!

Dear Fans of GoBit Games and our Burger Shop series,
First off we would like to announce that Burger Shop is now available for the iPhone® and iPad®!  You can get them here:
Burger Shop for iPad:
Burger Shop for iPhone:
We hope you like these versions.  It is the same great food-making fun you enjoyed on your PC/Mac, now available on your iPhone or iPad.   Trying to learn a new language?  Use Burger Shop as a fun way to learn!  Burger Shop for iPhone and iPad is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.
Now, on to the other news...
We are sorry.  We had made you some promises nearly two years ago and as of yet, we have only fulfilled part of these promises.
We had promised you Burger Shop 3; mobile versions of our games; and a new game code-named, Deflector.  Since that time we have not been very communicative about what is happening at GoBit Games.  "Why GoBit Games? Why would you treat your loyal fans in such a manners?", you might ask.  Well, you have every reason to ask and we are truly sorry.
Not to bore with you too many details, but let us just say that the combination of art issues, an epic failure by the Burger Shop 3 team; and a seemingly good (at-the-time) business deal that deteriorated  into a two-year, soul-crushing, lawyer-enriching pit of doom have basically meant that the last two years (from a productivity standpoint) at GoBit Games did not exist.  Who is the president of the US?  Did the Mariners finally win a World Series?  We just don't know, because the last two years have been seemingly erased from our consciousness.
We do know that we should have let you all know what was happening, but for legal reasons and lack of any progress, we did not.
But, now we are free and we have been working to get GoBit Games back on track  (Although it doesn't look like the Mariners will be winning a world series anytime soon...)
So, here is what is happening:
First off, we know that everyone is waiting on Burger Shop 3.  It is on our list.  It will release some day, we promise.  We are sorry it has been delayed for so long.  Please don't throw rotten fruit at us.
Burger Shop for Androidâ„¢
Most likely the next release will be Burger Shop for Android...  So, if you have an Android device and you want to play Burger Shop on the go, then you will definitely want this version.  We will announce this version when it is available.
Codename: Deflector for PC and Mac
We started this game at the same time that we started Burger Shop 2.  In the last five years, we have stopped and restarted production too many times to count.  If we don't finish this game, we will hate ourselves forever and our family and pets will look upon us with shame.  (Have you ever witnessed the look of shame that a 14-year old Labrador can give you??  Trust us; you do not want to be the object of this look.)  Because of these reasons, Deflector is the next planned release after Burger Shop for Android.  (p.s.  It won't be called Deflector.  Deflector is just a codename we use internally.  It will be called something else that is equally amazing.) 
Burger Shop 3 for PC and Mac
Now that you have sat down and read through everything in this missive to this section, we shall fill you in on what is going on with Burger Shop 3.  First off, let us reiterate that we are indeed working on Burger Shop 3.  It will release...  Someday.  But, at this time, we just don't know when that will be.  The prototype of Burger Shop 3 has a lot of new tasty food inside.  Picture Burger Shop 2 times 2.  We should call it Burger Shop 4 since it has so much food.  But we won't.  Currently the prototype has three new restaurant types in addition to the food you loved from Burger Shop 1 & 2.  We are striving to make this a worthy successor to Burger Shop 1 and 2, with plenty of new twists and challenges for even the most experienced fans.  We are truly sorry for the delays that this game has suffered and the annoyance to our loyal Burger Shop fans.  

BUT, we promise to be more communicative.  We swear this time for real! 

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