Hey Keith (or equivalent)*

This is going to be so effing brief you wont jeffing believe it.

Right – Two Things.

First – The record shop on my website closes at Midnight** on September 30th which is…… Thursday. So if you fancied buying something but were putting it off, I’d advise you to crack on. Also, if this is the first you’ve heard about it, I’d advise you to have a look. Because, either way, after Thursday that’s bloody well it for good and ever. Click on SHOP for the link.

Second – A friend of mine*** has a full English size, slate bed pool table to give away to any sort of charity or residential care/day centre/youth club facility that could use it. My friend **** has been trying to find some worthwhile future life for it for a few months but potentially interested parties seem to be dissuaded when they realise the actual heft of the thing*****. So if you know of anywhere that may be interested please let me know and I’ll pass on the details******

If you are an individual who would like the table, rather than an organisation, you can’t have it and it’ll be a wasted email so get knotted. Yeah? Cool.

So that’s that.

All the Best.



*Feel free to swap this for your own name or a nickname you like, in your mind, when you read it.

**London Time – okay? Does that answer your GDQ*******?

*** Me

**** Me again.

***** SOML********

******To Myself.

*******God Damned Question.

********Story Of My Life.

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