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Celebrating its 10th year, ION is a national consortium whose mission is to increase the number of women appointed to corporate boards and to the executive suite. Representing more than 50% of women in management and professional roles across the nation, ION is the only federation of member organizations in the US engaged in this work. 

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End of Summer Roundup

Catching up after a busy summer. Here's a summary of news and research on women on corporate boards and in senior leadership roles from the past couple of months. 
  • Indiana reported on the lack of diversity on the boards of the public colleges and universities in the state. No surprise - the boards are dominated by white men. [ ]
  • This article on women on boards outlines why it's not simply a question of supply & demand "in the face of a constant supply of board-ready male candidates." Seriously?  []
  • Stats on women on corporate boards in Indiana lags behind national average; six of 26 have no women at all. []
  • GenderMap provides deep dive into corporate board data globally; US dips to less than 11% across nearly 6900 companies. []
  • Canadian study shows that even 1 woman on a corporate board has a positive impact. []
  • 13-yr study of corp board diversity & firm performance reinforces benefits: diversity curbs excessive risk & pays in dividends. []
  • Tesla, American Apparel add women to their boards [] []
  • Indian companies have just a month to add at least one woman to their boards. []
  • Great example of how CalSTRS & CalPERS are encouraging California companies to diversify their leadership. []
Is Correlation Enough When It Comes to Women on Boards? 
This post provides one way to  respond to someone who was calling into question the "women in senior leadership result in better organizational performance" argument because the research demonstrates correlation but doesn't prove causation. []

Leadership & Diversity

One of the biggest stories of the summer was the release of diversity data by tech companies in the US. No one was surprised at what the data revealed - at the senior level, tech companies are dominated by white men. This article is a good overview and also makes the point that numbers and good intentions aren't enough to drive change. []
  • Also, Apple took a hit for trying to make things look better by adding VP's to leadership page on their website. [] 
  • Japan's prime minister wants 30% of managers to be women; Japanese companies step up with actual, measurable goals. []
  • Canadian corporations are starting to ask for diversity numbers from their law firms; likely a result of the growth of women serving as general counsel. []

Women at the Top 

  • Mary Barra continues to generate media buzz. This article suggests she might be breaking new ground in how CEOs handle a crisis is interesting - including a pic of her looking contrite before Congress. Wonder if you'd ever see that expression on a man in a similar situation. []
  • And Michele Roberts - a woman with no background in labor relations and limited interest in basketball - was elected director of the NBA players' union. She's quoted in this article as saying: "My past is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on.” []
  • Another good quote, this time from Erika Hayes James, Dean of the Emory University School of Business: "That we can still identify most female business leaders in the U.S. by name is a problem."
  • And Capt. Kathi Durst continues to break down barriers at American Airlines; will serve as the first female chief pilot of its largest pilot base at DFW. []
  • He's not a "woman at the top," but Max Schireson, the CEO of database giant MongoDB announced his resignation, saying that he can't have it all & wants to prioritize his family. He got a lot of "atta boys" but I wish he had stuck around and changed the culture and business practices that forced his decision vs. packing it in. []

Pay Gap

  • Today:  Gap Inc. finds no significant difference in pay between women & men in company; says conscious effort made the difference. []
  • But: Gap's number at the top: 3 women among 9 executive officers, 3 women among 10 directors, 1 women among 5 top compensated execs (who has the with lowest total compensation).
  • Good round-up on ways to end the gender pay gap: pay attention, take action, stop making excuses, value women's work. []
  • Great piece from AUS rings true for US. Want to know if we have a gender pay gap? Let's talk salaries (as in making salary information available). []
  • Pay gap in the UK "is all about apathy and ignorance" says Ann Francke, chief executive of Chartered Mgt Inst. []
New Book: Bridging the Gender Gap
  • Authors say persistent beliefs in gender myths keep senior leaders, male & female, from advancing women. Good list of the myths and actions to address them. [
  • Global Leadership Forecast: highest performing organizations have women & millennials in leadership roles. []
  • Research: Stark numbers comparing performance reviews of women & men - women get more criticism & it gets personal @FastCompany []

Et. Cetera

  • Take the Quiz: Can A Woman Ever Win at Work? Amusing and lots of good research references.
  • Dad Tells His Story: when the default doesn't work - Two Working Parents, One Sick Kid - The Atlantic. []
  • In case it comes in handy: Oxford Dictionary now includes the definition of "mansplain." []
  • Several articles recently discussed authority and expertise - two forms of power that are difficult for women to wield. []  [] And Kat Cole, CEO of Cinnabons says: "I learned to make sure I take the full authority of my role." []
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