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We launched our Power Hour 2021 series to provide you brief 30-minutes episodes with incredible women in the energy sector. Our first three episodes have received a phenomenal response! So hop on over to our YouTube page to catch up, subscribe, and watch new episodes.

Episode 3: Skills Needed for Lawyers working in the Energy/Power Sector9 April 2021 at 6 pm PKT / 9 am EDT
Episode 2: Women Leading Climate Activism in Pakistan
Power Hour Episode 2: Women Leading Climate Activism in Pakistan

This line-up of speakers is unlike any that we have ever hosted! Our host Anam Zeb spoke to 5 young activists from Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Some of these girls are 17 and 18 years old - and their idealism and energy inspires us all so much. If you missed this episode, we would highly recommend that you watch it now!

Episode 1: Behind The Scenes with our Team!
Power Hour Episode 1: Women In Energy Pakistan

For the first time ever all our 7 Chairs had an intensely fun conversation LIVE, so you'll get a glimpse of how fiery our regular team meetings are. If you missed this episode, grab a cup of chai and tune in as our team shares everything from our career journeys, juggling work and family, to what makes us tick and shaking up the energy sector!

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