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Arts and Humanities Month
The President’s Proclamation on this year’s National Arts and Humanities Month recognizes the importance of the arts especially during the Pandemic. The arts not only help us to understand our experiences but lifts our spirits. The arts indeed have the ability to heal our collective wounded spirits. 
Arts and Humanities Month Exhibit
During National Arts and Humanities Month, the Art Guild of Orange Park presented the juried exhibit, “Creativity” at the Jewish Community Alliance in Jacksonville, Florida.  

My painting of Portland Head Lighthouse was in this exhibit. The painting captures the essence of the popular lighthouse with the keeper house's signature red, sloping roof and nearby rolling green hills. 

Old Port Historic Walking Tour now through December

Discover South Portland’s History in this dynamic walking tour with over 50 stops. Explore historic landmarks, architecture and monuments.

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Website News

Just in time for the holidays! Now it’s easier than ever to find your favorite piece of art on my website. Lighthouses are now listed by region or location. 

Share joy this holiday season. Recapture fond memories of your “happy place” with uplifting and colorful lighthouse prints or purchase as a unique gift. Art is always the right size! 
Free gift wrapping and speedy shipping through the end of the year

Discover Lighthouse Art by Region
New Art on my website
Staten Island Lighthouse & more!

I waited four years to visit the Staten Island Lighthouse. It was “off limits” to visitors and hidden behind trees. The beautiful, pyramidal 1912 lighthouse lived up to my expectations. The statuesque brick lighthouse stood solemnly upon cascading stairs like an Amazon temple. The plush green foliage surrounding it seemed to bow in submission. 

Collectors Corners
Thanks for the memories 
I am so grateful for those who purchased my art during this difficult year. 
 I  really appreciate those collectors who recently
shared their personal aspirations. 
Stephanie loves, photography, family, animals and enology. She enjoys traveling to historic places, National Parks, and the Adirondack Mountains. 

About me 

Most people have an affinity with lighthouses. Perhaps lighthouses appeal to us because they represent the best in mankind.

My uplifting lighthouse art captures the noble souls of lighthouses and is a reminder of our common humanity. Each mixed media painting showcases a lighthouse’s history and spirit.

When I paint lighthouses, it is not the daymark that inspires me. It is the atmosphere, sunlight, clouds and setting that makes my lighthouse art come alive through the vibrancy of color. Unlike most artists, I specialize in lighthouses. 

I endeavor through my lighthouse art to live out the motto of my alma mater, the University of Hawaii: “Maluna a’e o na lahul a pau ke ola ke kanaka” (Above all nations is humanity.) Although there are over 18,000 lighthouses in the world. They all have one mission: saving lives. 

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