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Better questions = better answers & ideas.  

Happy Monday <<First Name>>

SO, I did something different today. Today I started my day with 30 mins of movement to get my momentum going.

I LOVE taking a daily walk, but with the winter weather, sometimes I don't take my walk. So, today I just hopped on the good ol' treadmill and listened to Les Brown! I am charged up.

I'm a busy mom, I have clients, and my business to run daily. So, I've been asking myself...

How can I have more motivation in the AM, how can I get up and going quicker?

I was realizing that I really miss my early morning, and daily, meditative walks. And this is what came to me...

get up and get on the treadmill, listen to the motivational speakers & leaders who inspire you.

Truth is, we all have to ask better questions. it's what gets our brain to perform at a higher level, to find great solutions. That's what our brain does. It's like a magnetic supercomputer. Attracting and solving.

And nothing is beyond our powerful human, creative capacity ( nothing is impossible!).

Now YOU, <<First Name>>Create your great day. There is a way. 

Give your brain a worthy question to answer VS a lowly one, and see what answers show up.

How can I have an amazing week, this week?

How can I meet new people this week?

How can I work more efficiently this week?

How can I live with more peace this week?

How can I create more income this month?

What next step gets me toward my goal?

  • Frame your question in the positive, and be clear about what your heart really wants (VS. the desires that come from external pressures that get projected onto you).
  • If you were to let out a deep sigh and just say...UGH, I just wish I could ___________!" What would that answer be for you? That's your question, keep asking it until the answer shows up.
  • Take ACTION on the answers you get. That's where the wishes move into fulfillment.

Peace, Progress and the best of ideas to you!
Dorothy Marie


Do you need help creating plans, goals and consistency? It's really hard for us to hold our own selves accountable. And that's where coaching and resources come in. Great people have coaches, and ordinary people on their way to greatness get coached too!

Some recent successes...

I had a few sessions working with a young woman who has BIG dreams of Medical school. But getting into a grad school program was the next step she needed. Working together on her mindset, her story - and on her essay - she's NOW been accepted to grad school AND, she landed a job in her bio-med field that will PAY for her tution. Now she's one step closer to becoming the first physician in her family.

In sessions with a young father and family man who'd been working multiple jobs for weeks to make ends meet, we got his mindset in the right place to take a BIG step toward his professional advancement. He'd invested in the real estate classes, now he needed to pass the real estate licensing exam.  After failing multiple professional exams since graduating college - he didn't know it, but his confidence was low, and his past failures were on repeat. We worked together weekly, on calls. AND, he's NOW passed his real estate exam. Onto the next step of creating a better future for his family!

Hop on a call with me this week and I can give you a few actionable, personalized tips, and see which of my resources or coaching sessions will manifest the wins you want.

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