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23 February 2021

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For over twenty years I’ve used technology, documentation, and planning to help solve business needs. I want to share this knowledge with you. In this newsletter edition, you will find one quick tip, I’ll explore an an interesting article, link to websites that caught my eye, and share recent blog posts in case you missed seeing them.

One thing

It’s easy to get caught up in the things you need to do or you should do for your business and focus on numbers to measure success. You likely have spreadsheets and reports of financial data to show if you met or missed different targets. You and your business are more than numbers.

Are you documenting and celebrating your successes?

I'm not talking about a list used to keep your CV updated or as part of a weekly done list; though both are useful. Deal toys don't appeal to me either (I have an aversion to clutter and useless objects). As solo business who works primarily in the digital realm, I understand completely it is nice to be able to touch completed projects in some manner and find a way to mark a success.

I keep a page in my notebook where I record specific things that make me remember why I do what I do. It includes blog posts I'm most proud of, unique client issues I've solved, and other things I've figured out or learned. I've turned the process of adding to the list to a mini celebration: I use a favorite pen to add a new record to my achievement list. The act of using a pen I like to record by hand helps me turn it into a tangible success.

In this extra grey and dreary February that it helps to take a moment to celebrate the successes, no matter how small.

Suggested action (estimated time five minutes): create a page to record your successes in your favorite notekeeping method.

Of Interest

While I keep and advocate using paper notebooks, I understand the allure and ease of digital. No matter how you choose to store your collected quotes and thoughts, it can be overwhelming to choose a way to simply begin.

In the New York Times article, [how to] Create a Digital Commonplace Book, not only are you presented with several software options, links to historical commonplace books are included, including the translation of Locke's 17th-century guide, which includes a method for creating an index.

Today, we also have the Bullet Journal method created by Ryder Carroll to provide ideas on how to organize our varied collections.

Quick Break

Taking breaks allows your brain to rest and avoid mental fatigue! Here are some links to provide a short rest.
  • I'm fascinated the newest Mars rover, Perseverance. Yesterday NASA/JPL released the RAW images, and they are amazing. (image repository - 
  • Interested in recycled plastic that's stronger than concrete? Nzambi Matee's invention has made this a reality. (article -
  • Curious about chemistry? I enjoyed the 3-part NOVA series, Beyond the Elements. (series page -

From the Notebook Archive

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