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Melanoma is on the rise and is now the most common cancer among people 25-29 years old. It is important to take time to look at the moles on your skin because this is a good way to find melanoma early. When checking your skin, you should look for the ABCDEs of melanoma:

Asymmetry - Border - Color - Diameter - Evolving
The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has a great page with pictures and notes to help explain the ABCDEs. If you see a mole or new spot on your skin that has any of the ABCDEs, please make an appointment to see your dermatology provider today.

Sun Safety is Key to Skin Cancer Prevention

This is a great time to stock up on sunscreens for summer vacations, boating, soccer camps and other fun outdoor activities. Remember reapplication of sunscreen is just as important as putting it on in the first place, so reapply the same amount every two hours. Sunscreens should also be reapplied immediately after swimming, toweling off, or sweating a great deal.
20% off all Sunscreens!

In recognition of Skin Cancer Awareness Month we're offering 20% off your purchase of 2 or more SPF products from any of our skincare lines.This includes our EltaMD continuous spray SPF 45. This large bottle is an employee favorite and great for kids, hair lines, and reapplication throughout the day. Read more about our EltaMD products in the links below:

Continuous Aero Spray SPF 45
UV Daily Tinted SPF 40
UV Clear SPF 46
UV Lotion SPF 30
15% off miraDry
Reduce Underarm Sweat Today!

Excessive sweating (or Hyperhidrosis) is a common medical condition that can have many negative effects on daily quality of life. Patients will often apply and reapply antiperspirants 5-12 times a day, ruin multiple items of clothing, wear only black or white clothing, double layer clothing, and decline public event opportunities solely because of their underarm sweating.

There are a variety of treatments available including antiperspirants, medications, Botox™ injections, iontophoresis, and even surgery.  For excessive underarm sweating we recommend the miraDry® procedure.

miraDry® uses a unique microwave delivery system to non-invasively eliminate sweat glands in the underarm.  Patients can expect to see an immediate reduction of sweat, with minimal to no downtime.  Normal side effects include localized soreness or swelling which typically clear within a few weeks.

Some of the benefits of the miraDry® system include:

  • 82% average reduction in axillary hyperhidrosis  – 2 treatments needed
  • Strong safety profile – minimal risks
  • High patient satisfaction – results are immediate and long lasting
  • No compensatory sweating
MiraDry has a 91% approval rating on See what patients are saying here.

Go to our miraDry site to watch patient testimonials or call (206) 525-1168 to schedule a consultation with one of our miraDry providers.

Through June 30th, receive 15% off your first miraDry treatment. $300 savings! University Village location only.
20% Off Titan Laser Package
Titan is an infrared skin treatment device designed to tighten skin and improve skin tone, fine lines, and scars around the jawline, chin, and neck. This FDA-approved device heats the dermis beneath the skin's surface and causes collagen generation which results in smoother, younger looking skin. This non-invasive procedure requires absolutely no downtime. 

Now through June 30th receive 15% off a single treatment or 20% off a package of 3. Enjoy up to $570 in savings!

Northwest Skincare Clinic location only.
Introducing Kybella!
A Permanent Solution to "Double Chin"

KYBELLA®  is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment that contours and improves the appearance of “double chin”.

During your treatment sessions, your provider will administer KYBELLA® into the fat under your chin using multiple injections. Many patients experience visible results in 2 to 4 treatment sessions. Up to 6 treatment sessions may be administered spaced no less than one month apart.

Join us on May 13th for our official Kybella introductory event! Our first 20 patients can choose between two treatment options:

  • Kybella treatment with a $100 instant rebate + a free syringe of Juvederm Ultra filler - $550 savings! (and 40 Brilliant Distinctions Points)
  • Add botox to your Kybella treatment and receive a $200 instant rebate + a free syringe of Juvederm Ultra (and 60 Brilliant Distinctions Points)
This event will be held at our Northwest Skincare Clinic. We will introduce Kybella at our other locations soon. Stay tuned!
Botox & Voluma Price Reductions

We're excited to share some cost savings with our Northwest Dermatology patients. As of May 1st the following two price reductions will be available to all Seattle Skin & Laser patients:

Botox will retail at $14/unit (down from $15)
Voluma filler will retail at $900/syringe (down from $1,000) 
Saturday Clinic Update

Northwest Skincare will be open the first Saturday of each month. If the Saturday falls on a holiday weekend we will be open the second Saturday instead.

Call 425-778-7546 to schedule a Saturday appointment.
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