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Interesting Cannabis Products

April 23, 2020

The science behind the industry is fascinating, but ultimately cannabis products and brands are what resonate with and connect consumers. There are exciting new offerings for consumers of all stripes, from the new customer to the experienced connoisseur. Below, we have highlighted a selection of products that have recently piqued our interest. 

The Bengal Capital Team

Jetty Extracts Live Resin

Of late, cannabis aficionados have gravitated toward more natural and unrefined products. Jetty Extracts has recently released premium "live resin" products for dablicators, Pax Era pods, and concentrates. Live resin aims to deliver the terpene and cannabinoid profile closest to recently-harvested cannabis flower by flash freezing the plant at the moment of harvest. Live resin, sometimes called the "champagne of cannabis," provides a full spectrum of active cannabinoids for a robust, unrefined experience. 

Jetty Extracts Live Resin
Canna-Cocktails with Kikoko

With social distancing and stay-at-home orders in place, you might find yourself pining for the simple pleasure of a classic cocktail at your favorite bar. The canna-cocktail, affectionately known as the "tea-tail" by our partners at Kikoko, offers an alternative to the happy hour cocktail and the benefit of zero alcohol for a lighter, hangover-free experience. 

Minor Cannabinoids

Minor cannabinoids are making a major splash. CBN, CBG, and others may provide consumers with the benefit of targeted impacts. CBN has been especially popular as a sleep aid, like in the sublingual strip "Shut Eye" from Kinslips. Sublingual strips are a relatively new and unique form factor that promise a faster onset than traditional edibles or tinctures.

Single-Use Vaporizers

The all-in-one single-use vaporizer offers an accessible entry point for new consumers. Old Pal, a successful California value-brand, has released a line of disposable, effect-based vaporizers with hybrid, indica, and sativa options. Single-use products have been successful in tourist-driven cannabis markets such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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