Leaving France - A Video Review - A Call to Prayer
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Exciting Updates

Leaving France Happy

Since our last newsletter, there have been many exciting things that have happened. For starters, we let you all know that we had a significant financial need, and we are thrilled to announce that we got every dime that we needed. Thus, we were able to purchase all of the supplies we were lacking for Cameroon. Praise God for providing and thank you to everyone who was able to help us in this way. 

Further, Dave and I went through two rounds of intense French testing and we passed both rounds! We graduated from our French school on June 20th and have since then been meeting with language partners and studying on our own.

We also got our visas in the mail and are in the process of packing to leave for Cameroon in just a few short weeks!

We have now entered a unique season here in France as we are able to “go deeper” in our relationships and are starting to really become a part of this culture. We are able to share the reasons why we are going to Cameroon with others and we are able to testify to the fact that King Jesus goes there with us. We have given out a few Bibles to those who did not yet have a copy of their own. The last few weeks have been quite sad for us as we realize we have to uproot ourselves from a country that we are growing to love.

Our Year in France

Some Reflections

We spent a year full of the beauty of God's creation here in the French Alps, but it was also difficult. Since we knew our time to learn French was limited, Dave and I really pushed ourselves to study (sometimes up to 12 hours a day). The result was that we were often exhausted. But, in the end, we would do it all over again because we have seen the fruit of our labors in our ability to speak French. Although we still have A LOT to learn, we know that before the Lord we studied as hard as we could while still maintaining a healthy family life. And so, as we leave France, I cannot but say that the Lord has been our strength to continue putting one foot in front of the other even when sick, discouraged, and exhausted. I think this verse summarizes our year perfectly:

“The LORD is the strength of his people”  Psalm 28:8.   

Below is a video which gives some highlights of our year (click on the video to view it in YouTube):

What’s Next
Our First Few Months in Cameroon

Our first month in Cameroon will serve as an orientation to Cameroonian culture. During this month we will learn about finances in the country, how to buy food at the market, we will get our driver’s licenses and learn to drive according the “Cameroonian way,” we will meet various leaders, and visit the nearest hospital to our region. After the first month, we will then need to figure out where we are going to live and start getting our house “livable.” As of right now we do not know where we will be living. We plan to survey the different villages and decide which one would provide us with the best opportunity to serve the people.

What is certain is that there will be MAJOR transition ahead of us. Once we get settled Dave and I will start language and culture learning. Also, we may not have consistent (or any?) Internet access for several months, so if you do not hear from us do not be surprised. 
Please Pray
Now more than Ever…

For one reason or another, whenever I do not hear from missionaries, I always assume that they are doing fine (I am not quite sure why). During the period of transition that is before us (likely between now and Christmas), we would ask that you assume that we are NOT doing fine and that we need a lot of prayer.

We will be experiencing another new language, intense heat, exposure to disease, poverty, a new set of cultural norms, and lots and lots of bugs. On top of that, we would not be surprised if our kids freak out and start disobeying like crazy and screaming at the smallest thing. All this adds up to a lot of stress and a lot of temptation to sin and be irritable with one another. So please pray:

- That our kids would adapt well to Cameroon and would eventually love it.
- That the Lord would provide housing sooner rather than later so that we can begin our language/culture study as soon as possible.
- That Dave and I would be characterized by love in the midst of difficult times (pray 1 Cor. 13 for us).
- That we would seek FIRST Jesus’ kingdom and his righteousness before the details of our own lives.
- That the Lord would really use us for the furthering of his Kingdom.
- For physical protection on the roads, from diseases, and from thieves.

Like our video mentioned, we are going to ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for us two weeks before we leave for Cameroon (Starting TODAY - July 15th).

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May the Lord use the weak and foolish things in the world like Dave and I to bring his mighty Kingdom among the Bakoum people of Cameroon!

        Dave and Stacey Hare

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