Dear friends,

I’m writing this after returning home from a day’s trip to Boston—Mayor Wu had asked me to come down for the signing of the first ordinance of her term, a law divesting the city from fossil fuels.

As I said during the ceremony, this huge victory was testament to remarkable organizing work—and nobody has been more constant and creative in that work than 350 Mass. Not just around divestment, of course, but on all the fronts that the climate battle must be fought on.

It’s been a year of real wins. On Beacon Hill,
350 Mass was key to passing the Next Generation Roadmap—a landmark climate bill that set new goals for emissions reductions, mandated increases in solar and offshore wind, and enacted protections for environmental justice communities. On the local level you enacted dozens of municipal policies on climate, wrote scores of letters to the editor, attended marches and rallies, made phone calls and engaged with social media. You all contributed—your time, your money and your support.

So—thanks. But of course my real gratitude comes because I know you won’t stop. We had real losses this year too: the temperature kept rising, the Glasgow climate summit was not the success many had hoped; Joe Biden’s climate plans were reined in by Joe Manchin.
We need very much to keep on pushing.

350 Mass has embarked on an exciting new campaign with allies across the state to
Bring the Green New Deal Home. This pioneering effort addresses emissions from housing, transportation to achieve deep de-carbonization through a broad coalition that centers equity and human well-being. 350 Mass has been a leader in this effort, bringing together a wide range of groups, including labor, frontline, and youth organizations to form the Mass Renews Alliance. We share the goal of addressing the climate crisis by creating good jobs to remake our infrastructure and economy here in Massachusetts.

But of course
350 Mass can’t do this work without your support, which is why I hope you’ll donate generously to the year-end fundraising drive. Because we don’t know how the climate fight is going to come out—we just now that our chances are better when we join together. And no one has proved that more powerfully than 350 Mass; what a pleasure it always is to get to join you!


Bill McKibben

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