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We are finally starting to see the large fiscal year end contracts come in, I hope you and your team are benefitting from the fiscal year end push after the sequestration and budget crunch drought. But as in every year, this is no time for vacations and time off. Instead, those who are paying attention to Sources Sought Notices and other pre-RFP notices can leverage opportunities into business if you are informed and aggressive.

And once they have hit the streets as an RPP or RFQ, you are best served by having very tight pricing and a strong technical model supported by solid past performance. Need help with any of this? Call us. If we are booked, we will try to refer you to colleagues who can help.

This year over 40% of the federal budget will be spent between now and Sept 30. There is no time to waste!

Even though we are as busy as you are, I do take a few minutes mental break occasionally to plan and dream of vacation...time that will be taken after October 1. We're heading to the mountains for r & r and taking time to refresh and reenergize. But for now, it is all hands on deck and we are making all efforts to help our clients see results!

If you are in DC on August 20 at the American Express OPEN Summit for Success (see below), look for me. If you are in San Diego August 21-23 for the Elite SDVOSB Conference, I'll be there too, working with the Veterans to see success in the federal market. It is a very busy week, thank goodness for our fabulous TargetGov team at the office keeping everything on track and moving ahead.

Here's to your success, may you celebrate everything you envision!


Gloria Berthold Larkin
President, TargetGov
443-543-5067 or 1-866-579-1346

Win or Lose: Take Advantage of the Proposal Debriefing

Join Lorman and Gloria Larkin for a live webinar that will give you a thorough preparation process before the debriefing, instructions how to ask for and get a face-to-face meeting with the people who can give the vendor the best insight into their RFP response, how the agency scored them, and how to improve then responses to future opportunities. Vendors who use the debriefing process effectively can use it to build more business, save business and build relationships with the selection committees.

Learning Objectives:

  • You will be able to discuss the purpose of debriefings.
  • You will be able to identify how debriefings are conducted.
  • You will be able to review ratings examples.
  • You will be able to explain evaluations comparison.
  • You will know the deadlines and processto to actually get a debriefing
Speaking Engagements

Stress Solutions
5 Habits of Highly Relaxed People
You're probably too busy: Too many deadlines, too many activities and too many people demanding more of your time. We should treat stress just like the warning light on our dashboard–when it comes on, it's a good idea to pull over and figure out the problem. Read on for the latest stress relief techniques.

Bid Protest Weekly - The "Rule of Two" in Action

By: Bryan R. King

"...In this case, two companies protested the decision by the Forest Service to issue a solicitation as a small business set-aside for small businesses with annual revenues under $7 million. The protesters argued that the agency did not conduct adequate market research to support the determination that at least two capable small businesses would submit offers in response to the solicitation...."
What did the GAO do? You may be surprised.
Small Business Owners Talk Health Care Reform

Small business owners at a recent Senate panel show split feelings on the healthcare law, and how it will affect their bottom line. Small businesses are divided about how the healthcare reform law is impacting their companies. That is the conclusion drawn for last week’s Senate Small Business Committee hearing at which small business owners shared first-hand insights on the benefits and burdens of the healthcare reform legislation. Business owners with fewer than 25 employees expressed satisfaction with the law, particularly praising the healthcare tax credit available to such companies. Employers who expressed the greatest uncertainty were those with 50 or more employees. These are the employers that must offer health insurance or face penalties beginning in 2015. Many cited planned cuts to part-time employees to reach the magic number of 49 full-time employees to avoid offering health insurance. Restaurant and franchise owners were particularly vocal on this point. All the witnesses did agree on one thing: defining a full-time employee as someone working 30 or more hours a week (part of the law) causes confusion. In their view, aligning the definition with the traditional 40-hour workweek would be a significant improvement.
OPEN for Government Contracts Presents:
Summit for Success


August 20th, 2013, 8:00am - 3:30 pm
Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20001

American Express OPEN for government contractors presents this one day event to help you boost your business through government contracts. The Summit for Success will have motivational insights from government officials and experienced contractors, hands on learning to help you navigate the government contracting landscape, and networking with government officials and other small businesses.

Gloria Larkin is both a featured speaker and panel moderator at this event.
Why Productive People Get Up Insanely Early
If you want to do your best work, distraction is your enemy. So wake before it rises.

Written By: Paul Dejoe
Published By: Fast Company

I am not a successful entrepreneur. I do not know the secret to life. I know that I love what I do but struggle with feeling content and balanced.

I'd ask other entrepreneurs about their advice and they would say within seconds you need to unplug or take a vacation, but applying that is difficult for me--I don't want to figure out the right way to take a break, I want to figure out how to appreciate the present moment.

I'm not an aspiring buddhist or a zen master either. I want to win, I want to be the best, I want to make some people feel stupid for not believing in us, and I love being at the front of the eternal fight that is a startup. But the counterbalance of the fight was difficult to find.

For me 4 a.m. yielded reprieve.                                                     Read the rest of the article here...

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