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350NYC September Newsletter
August was quite a busy month! Over 30 NYC candidates responded to our questionnaire about divestment, many of them favorably! In fact, the divestment issue was included in the 13 Bold Progressive Ideas for NYC adopted by the Progressive Caucus of the City Council. Citywide candidates that have offered at least partial support for divestment include Mayoral candidate John Liu, the present Comptroller; Scott Stringer, the present Manhattan Borough President running for Comptroller; and James Lane who is running for Public Advocate. You can see more responses from City Council members about their positions on divestment by visiting 350nyc.org/elections.

There are a lot of great events planned for September. We hope to see you there!

Highlights: Please join us on September 21st in Battery Park for a huge national day of action to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. Let’s keep that tar sands oil in the ground! Also, save the date, October 19th for the Global Frackdown actions in NYC!

And if you haven't already, please take a moment to sign our petition to divest NYC from fossil fuels (and ask your friends to sign it too)!

Exciting Events

NYC Elections!
September 10th | NYC
Before heading to the polls, make sure to check out what the candidates think about fracking, renewable energy, and divestment from fossil fuels!
See more: http://350nyc.org/elections/

Power Shift Regional Convergence
September 15th | 9AM – 7PM | NYC 
The Power Shift Regional Convergence in NYC will be a one-day organizer training focused on bringing together over 100 student leaders from across the region to build powerful Recruitment Teams in NY, NJ, and CT. Together, we’ll strategize and lay the foundation for a strengthened climate justice movement beyond Power Shift 2013. It’ll also be an opportunity to take action against the fossil fuel industry and start the semester strong with a wave of actions across the country. Food and travel will be covered (and we can help you find housing). Hosted by Energy Action Coalition350.org, and student leaders across NY, NJ, and CT. Register. See more: https://www.facebook.com/events/209801425846290/

Bill McKibben Booklaunch: Oil and Honey

September 18th | 7-9 PM | The Powerhouse Arena 37 Main St. Brooklyn
In OIL AND HONEY: The Education of an Unlikely Activist, McKibben recounts the personal, global, and urgent fight for a sustainable planet and delves into these two necessary and mutually reinforcing sides of the global climate fight—from the center of the maelstrom and from the growing hive of small-scale local answers. With empathy and passion, he reveals the imperative to work on both levels, telling the story of raising one year’s honey crop and building a social movement that’s still cresting. RSVP here.

Teach-In on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
September 20th | 7-9 PM | Park Slope United Methodist Church - 8th St.-6th Ave Brooklyn
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a free-trade agreement that is being negotiated in secret by over 600 corporations and pushed through Congress without oversight from the public. It threatens workers' rights, the environment, the safety of food and medicines, and the most fundamental democratic rights of all the countries that sign onto this binding agreement. We need to learn about the TPP, spread the word -- and stop it! Sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace/Climate Action, The PSUMC Social Action CommitteeThe Green Party of Brooklyn

National Day of Action
Draw the Line Against Keystone XL

September 21st | 12 PM | Battery Park, Manhattan

Calling on all New Yorkers to Rally and March as we “Draw the Line” on destructive extraction and pipeline projects like Keystone XL and Spectra that contribute to climate change, rising sea levels, and ongoing financial and social costs in our region. New York City artists will take the lead in dynamic street theater, puppetry, song and chant, and a special street art project conceived for this event by Radical Art Initiative that literally “draws the line” and graphically illustrates expanding flood areas in Lower Manhattan.

Be part of a symbolic human water surge—dress in blue; wear your ponchos and rainboots; help carry a giant symbolic pipeline, posters, banners and flags. Together with hundreds of other groups around the country we can send the message to President Obama to lead the way on sustainability by rejecting KXL, fracking, and all other destructive fossil fuel-based energy projects. Join 350NYC, Occupy the Pipeline, United for Action, System Change Not Climate Change, Credo and a large coalition of New York environmental groups on this national day of speaking out sponsored by 350.org.
When: Noon to 3 pm, Saturday, September 21 12 noon, Rally in Battery Park 1 pm, March to South Street Seaport. Check 350nyc.org for updates and new information. Wear blue! 
RSVP: 350 Website | Facebook

LIC Green Film Screenings to Promote Resilience
Long Island City, Queens | RSVP
A unique series of free film screening events will take place this September in LIC.  Three films about our interwoven environmental, energy and economic challenges will be followed by facilitated discussion among audience members, and referral to neighborhood civic groups and city sustainability programs.  
Coffeed, at 37-18 Northern Blvd., LIC, NY 11101, downstairs from the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm, is providing free coffee and home-baked pastries for the events. www.coffeednyc.com/
  • Do The Math, September 16 | Climate scientists have measured the carbon in fossil fuel supplies still to be burned and the consequences if it is all used.  This film features the movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis, and promote a global power shift to clean energy.  (42 minutes) 
  • The Crash Course, September 23 | Our economy, energy systems and environment are interdependent and will face increasing challenges as we meet limits of finite natural resources.  Presented by scientist and former Fortune 300 finance VP Chris Martenson.   (45 minutes) 
  • Crisis of Civilization, September 30 | This dark comedy documentary connects the dots between global crises. It combines archival film clips and animations with detailed analysis and specific positive options to transform systems. Watch it free online. (80 minutes)  
Becoming Free of Fossil Fuels, on Campus, in Congregations, in the World
September 22nd | 11-12:30 |  Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture - 53 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn
Charley Horwitz Memorial Platform 
To forstall catastrophic climate change, James Hansen and other scientists say we need to make sure that 80 percent of the world’s coal, oil and gas reserves stay in the ground. To put pressure on the 200 corporations that own the vast majority of the reserves, the climate action group 350.org launched a campaign for schools, congregations and government pension funds to divest from these companies. Lyna Hinkel, a 350NYC group leader, and student and congregational campaigners will discuss the history of divestment struggles, their NYC City Pension Fund Divestment initiative, and the effort to convince their congregations or colleges to divest.

Climate Week NYC
September 23-30th | NYC
Climate Week NYC is a hub for over 50 high-profile meetings, events and activities organized in and around New York City by a diverse group of business, government, arts and civil society players, and is profiled online through ClimateWeekNYC.org. The focus for Climate Week 2013 is: OUR LOW CARBON FUTURE - LEADERSHIP. OPPORTUNITY. SECURITY.

2nd Annual Global Frackdown
On October 19th, anti-fracking activists from all over the world will participate in the 2nd annual Global Frackdown! The NYC anti-fracking coalition of groups will gather outside a brunch held by Governor Cuomo to focus on the health of our NY food, wine, beer this year! Without healthy soil, air and water... we lose the precious trio that nurtures and feeds our families and friends.  This year, taking place on the day of the Global Frackdown is an event called *Taste NY Brunch hosted by The Honorable Andrew Cuomo and Friends* at the Chelsea Piers. There will also be many other wonderful actions.


Sept 11th 
Divestment Working Group Meeting
NY Society for Ethical Culture
2 W 64th Street, New York
September 15th
Power Shift Regional Convergence
9AM – 7PM

September 16th
Free Film: "Do the Math"
Long Island City, Queens

September 18th
Bill McKibben Book Launch: Oil and Honey
The Powerhouse Arena
Brooklyn (Dumbo)

September 20th
Teach-In on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace/Climate Action
Park Slope United Methodist Church
8th St. and 6th Ave. Brooklyn
 7-9 PM

September 21st 
Draw the Line Against the Keystone XL
National Day of Action
Battery Park, NYC 
RSVP: http://act.350.org/event/draw_the_line/6131 
12 PM
September 22nd
Morning Platform: Is Ethics as Simple as This?
NY Society for Ethical Culture 
2 W 64th Street, New York
Talk exploring the ethics of “biocentrism” espoused by Leopold and whether his vision of humans as participants in the “community” of nature can really serve as an ethical ideal for those of us living in the modern world. The shared charity is 350.org. 
September 25
350NYC Monthly Open Meeting
New York Society for Ethical
Culture, New York, NY
7-9 PM
September 30th
Free Film: Crisis of Civilization

September 23-30th
Climate Week NYC

September 29th
Morning Platform: How Should We Live?
with Colin Beavan
NY Society for Ethical Culture 
2 W 64th Street, New York
Colin Beavan, an American nonfiction writer and author of the book No Impact Man, discusses his experience living with his family for a year in the middle of New York City with no net-environmental impact. He suggests ways we all can become part of finding the answers to the questions he poses — for ourselves and for our cultures. 
October 19, 2013
Global Frackdown
Day of Action to ban fracking.
NYC details coming soon.

Climate Change News

Courtesy of Brooklyn for Peace Climate Action
The Arid West
There is a major water shortage in the Southwest.  Long-term drought and unsustainable urban development are major factors.  William deBuys provides an excellent overview.
Never Again Enough

Texas towns are literally running out of water and big energy is one of the main reasons.  
A Texas Tragedy: Ample Oil, No Water
Global Warming and Species Migration
A new study finds that warming oceans are forcing marine life to migrate toward the poles.   
Climate Change Pushing Marine Life Towards Poles
In addition to marine life moving north, environmentalists studying Long Island Sound find trees migrating inland and ground-nesting birds threatened by changes in tides.  
Signs of Climate Change in Long Island Sound
Previous studies have established that plants, animals, and insects were migrating toward the poles at roughly four miles a decade while temperature zones were moving at about 35 miles a decade.
Mark Fiore's political cartooning won a Pulitzer Prize – the first ever for an animated cartoon.  Here he takes on tar sands pipelines. 
Keystone Clones

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