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 350NYC March Newsletter
Carbon tracker has just released it's report proving that the EIS does not meet Obama's criteria. Additional KXL-enabled carbon pollution through 2050 would be roughly equal to the exhaust from one billion cars driving for a year - or the same as building 46 new coal-fired power plants!

Three days after the State Department issued it's Environmental Impact Statement for the Keystone XL Pipeline, we were out in force for a rapid response rally in Union Square with Bill McKibben and Clayton Thomas-Muller of Idle No More. watch video: Last week when President Obama was in town for a fundraiser, we were there to remind him You Talk the Talk Now Walk the Walk. NO KXL!" watch video 

And on April 27th we will be at the Whitehouse for a huge mobilization against the Keystone, Reject & Protect led by those living along the pipeline's route. Join us to tell Obama  to say no to the keystone pipeline, tar sands expansion, and climate chaos!

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This is the new slogan for 350NYC's latest campaign to get thousands of New Yorkers to choose an electric supply company (ESCO) that provides wind energy to the grid in NYC. The power grid that supplies electricity to NYC is largely derived from coal, oil, gas and nuclear power, with about 2% from wind farms. By electing to purchase 100% wind  energy, for a few dollars more each month, you will be investing your total KW hours each month in renewable energy. Check our website for companies that provide wind and other renewables and make the switch today. Encourage your family members, friends and neighbors to do the same. Every time we turn on an electric switch, run an electric appliance or plug in a charging device, we are part of the problem. Let's also be part of the solution.
       "If just 10% of New York's households choose Green Power for their electric supply, it would prevent nearly 3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, 10 million pounds of sulfur dioxide and nearly 4 million pounds of nitrogen oxides from getting into our air each year. Green Power helps us all breathe a little easier."  Public Service Commission

Frack Free New York Logo
Rally Against Fracking: Special Guest, Gov. Coumo 
Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 5:30 pm
The Dream Downtown Hotel
355 West 16th Street, Manhattan
Facebook Event
Governor Cuomo is appearing at a fundraiser in Manhattan -- and we're going to be there too, to send him a message urging him to ban fracking and veto the proposed Port Ambrose liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility off of Long Beach. Come out and join us!
NY For All of US 
Thursday, March 20th, 2014
Rally in Albany - all day event
We stand for a New York the works for All of Us! But today, Albany works for the super-rich and powerful corporations. If a bill favors the wealthy and CEO campaign contributors, it’s sure to pass in Albany.   On March 20th we are going to hold our elected officials in Albany responsible for putting people ahead of campaign contributors. We demand that our basic democratic rights be respected. We can do this.  Together, we can build a New York that works for all of us.
Free buses from NYC - there's still time to sign up and get on the bus!
Lunchtime Rally to Tell Comptroller DiNapoli to Divest New York State pension funds from Fossil Fuels! 
Thursday, March 27, 2014 | 12 - 1:30pm
59 Maiden Lane | New York City 

We are calling on the Comptroller to divest New York State Pension Funds from all fossil fuel companies and will be delivering a petition of signatures to State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s staff.   It is important to demonstrate strong grassroots support for this action and we invite you to join the rally during your lunch time, whether you work in Manhattan or have the flexibility in your day.
Sign the petition to DiNapoli 
Join the Facebook event and spread the word!

This is a parallel campaign to our push to Divest all the NYC pension funds from fossil fuels.
Sign our petition to Comptroller Scott Stringer
350 National Campaigns
Almost 80,000 people, all across the country, have signed up to participate in organized, peaceful civil disobedience actions, risking arrest if the State Department recommends to President Obama that the Keystone XL pipeline be approved. These actions are part of the nationwide NO KXL Pledge of Resistance, organized by CREDO, Rainforest Action Network, and The Other 98%.
Because the pipeline would cross an international boundary (US-Canada), first the State Department and then President Obama must determine that allowing it to proceed would be "in the national interest." We know it is NOT in our national interest, and we intend to make sure that the President knows that as well.
The Pledge of Resistance actions will be triggered when the State Dept. issues its draft National Interest Determination (NID) for Keystone. Once that happens, the President will then have 15 days to accept or reject that draft, and issue his final NID. It's the President's decision that we're trying to affect, so our actions will take place in that 15-day period.
Actions are currently planned for four separate targets in NYC, and we're training NOW so we'll be ready to go when the time comes. There are roles for people who want to be arrested, and for those who don't want to (or can't) risk arrest. Go to www.nokxl.org for more information and to sign up for an action, or contact Pat Almonrode at palmonrode@gmail.com.

This is a major KXL mobilization and we are looking for a historic turnout in Washington, DC. What do have to do on Sunday, April 27th that's more important than saving the planet and standing up for climate justice? Book a vacation day from work on Monday if needed!  Sign up now!

Ongoing Campaigns

Every Monday: TPP Facebook Blitz: Urge The Daily Show and the Colbert Report to address TPP!
Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/blitz1614
Every Tuesday, 9-10PM: TPP Twitterstorm
Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/storm


A deep water port to export liquefied natural gas (LNG), the “Liberty Port Ambrose” project, has been proposed for the waters offshore from Jones Beach.
Tell Gov Cuomo & Gov Christie to Veto Port Ambrose
Call Governor Cuomo (518) 474-8390 
Call NJ Governor Christie (609) 292-6000
Each governor has the authority to veto this project, and Governor Christie has already vetoed a very similar project when it was proposed once before in waters closer to New Jersey. Tell the governors why you don’t want a LNG port!
Click here to learn more


Tues, March 25, 7 - 8pm
Religious Communities for Divestment & Reinvestment
318 E 88th St (btwn 1st & 2nd)

Steve Knight, a member of 350NYC's divestment working group, will be hosting a meetup for members of religious congregations or institutions who want to join the growing religious movement to divest endowments and pension funds from fossil fuel holdings and protect Creation by reinvesting in a clean energy future. Send questions to SKnight@GreenFaith.org  Join the meetup

Sun, Mar 30, 7:30-9pm
National TPP Team Conference Call & Webinar 
RSVP and Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/RSVP31614
Highlights from Feb

February was a great month! 350NYC sponsored “Fossil Free NYC: A Divestment Open House”  featuring panelists (in order of their presentations):
Linnea Paton, former state campaign coordinator for Students for a Just and Stable Future; Sophie Lasoff, student leader with NYU Divest: Go Fossil Free, Steve Knight, GreenFaith’s Divest & Reinvest Now campaign; Lisa DiCaprio, professor of sustainability at NYU and member of the Sierra Club; Lauren Ressler, National Organizer for the Responsible Endowments Coalition; Nathan Schumer, 350NYC’s City Council Liaison. Panelists spoke on several topics related to divestment, including the need to recognize the urgency of climate change, the imperative to move towards carbon-free investing, and the details of current divestment campaigns in New York City, at universities and among religious congregations. The presentations were followed by a Q. & A session, and individual networking.

350NYC'er Jane Kendall started her walk across the country with The Great March for Climate! Follow Jane's journey starting in April on the 350nyc.org. blog. Support Jane's Walk 
Climate Change in the News
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Upcoming 350NYC Meetings

All 350NYC meetings listed are held at New York Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64th Street (near Columbus Circle) unless otherwise noted. Room number varies.

350NYC Monthly Open Meeting 
7 – 9 PM
Wednesday, March 26th 
Elliott Library Room #507
City Divest Working Group 
7 - 9 PM
Wednesday, April 9th
Meeting Room #508

Sustainability Working Group
7 - 9 PM
Wednesday, April 23rd
Meeting Room #508
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Lunchtime Rally
Thursday, March 27, 2014 
12 - 1:30pm
59 Maiden Lane
New York City
Tell Comptroller DiNapoli to Divest New York State pension funds from Fossil Fuels! 

Sign the petition to NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer.  Divest NYC from fossil fuels.
Sunday, April 27, 2014
Wahington, DC
National mobilization against the Keystone XL Pipeline
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