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July Newsletter

Above: Rockaway Pipeline Extension being built in Brooklyn | 350 NYC greets Gov Cuomo at the Plaza Hotel 

Two weeks after the most important speech on climate change to date by a sitting president, the pressure is still on. While the speech was encouraging to many of us, the president did not come out hard hitting enough against fossil fuels.  While he did give a surprising shout out to the burgeoning divestment movement (yes!) and thankfully aims to retire dirty coal plants, he left approval of the Keystone XL pipeline up in the air and came out in support of fracking for methane gas. This summer, it is more important than ever to turn up the heat in our campaigns. 

The good news is that many, even some in Congress, say that with enough public pressure, approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is not inevitable, just like how activism by people like you has been able to hold off the approval of fracking in New York State. That said, the gas industry is starting to lay the groundwork infrastructure for a fracked gas boom in the Northeast. We need your help here in New York City to stop these dirty infrastructure projects and get NYC on clean, renewable energy!

Highlights from June Activities
June was a great month! We co-sponsored the highly successful and well-attended rally against fracking in Albany, had great speakers on the Left Forum Divestment Panel, greeted Gov. Cuomo with “Don’t Frack New York” signs on his visit to the Plaza Hotel,  celebrated the summer solstice with Paul Winter, and helped get a great turnout to the anti-pipeline flash mob at City Hall! Thanks to everyone who showed up to join in the fun! Change can’t be made without you!

Get Involved

Our divestment campaign is ramping up! We just reached the 1000 signatures mark for our campaign to ensure that our public money isn’t being invested in fossil fuels.  We just met with NYC Comptroller John Lui's staff and delivered your tremendous support. If you haven’t already, sign the petition to divest NYC from fossil fuels at and help us take this campaign to the next level! If you're interested in joining our city divest working group email us at 350.orgnyc@gmail.com
In recent news, the Keystone XL pipeline was found to be prone to leaks. The Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement released by the State Department in March did not consider the impact that burning the tar sands transported in the pipeline would have on the climate.  This pledge asks you commit - should it be necessary to stop Keystone XL -- to engage in serious, dignified, peaceful civil disobedience. Join with hundreds of others and sign the pledge to act against the Keystone XL.

It's hot in the US right now. But the fossil fuel industry isn't feeling it -- yet.  Good thing Summer Heat kicks off soon. Visit the Summer Heat website to find an action near you. 350NYCers will be travelling to the action in Washington, D.C. on July 27th and to MA to Shut Down Brayton PointAnd look for details coming soon on our NYC Summer Heat Action!
(Organized by the Sane Energy Project) 
6 PM | Tuesday, July 23rd
Con Edison is digging up the streets along 10th Avenue—without environmental review—to install the pipeline that will connect their grid to the Spectra pipeline. Sane Energy Project is throwing a party to pay for the lawsuit against them! Spectra Legal Fund  DJ Patrick Robbins will spin tunes and they celebrate a half a year of actions and successes. Sliding scale admission.Tickets 
For more info http://saneenergyproject.org/events/

(Organized by the Sane Energy Project)

The “Port Ambrose” Liquified Natural Gas deepwater port has now been filed with federal agencies, opening the public comment period. Comment online here before August 22nd. More info and talking points for comments: here and here. This project CAN be stopped by gubernatorial veto.
Call the governors and ask them to veto the project:

Call Gov. Cuomo:   (518) 474-8390
Call  Gov. Christie: (609) 292-6000

Climate Change News

Well it’s been a bad month for the fracking industry. Scientists have found considerable evidence that fracking, the process used to extract natural (i.e. methane) gas leads to an increase in earthquakes. Furthermore, new studies have found that significantly more methane is leaking from gas pipelines than predicted. Since methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 persistent methane leaks could make natural gas just dirty as the other fossil fuels.  Sadly the town of  Minisink, New York, where many 9/11 first responders moved to try to heal and recover, is threatened by a natural gas compressor station which could leak harmful fumes.
It also has been a tough month for the planet. A tremendous iceberg about 8 times the size of Manhattan has just broken off from the world's fastest-disappearing glacier, the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctic. Toronto got a deluge of floods, and the West Coast of the U.S. just sweltered through an epic heat wave, with temps cracking 125 F/51 C. The weather extremes are only just beginning.
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Upcoming Events
Summer Shindig
to Sue the Diggers
6 PM | Tuesday, July 23
Intn'l Call to Artists for
10 Days of Climate Action

Final Submission Deadline
10am, Wednesday, July 24
Student Action Training
July 26-28th 
Camp Rainbow, Grafton, NY

12x12 Project Eco-House 
Until the end of July
Queens Botanical Garden

Energy Exodus: Week-Long
March from Coal
to Cape Wind
Historic March August 28
Somerset, MA

March for our Grandchildren
Keep your Promises 
Washington, D.C. July 27th
Shut Down Brayton Point 
Southeastern Massachusetts
July 27th, 28th
350NYC Monthly Open Meeting 
7 – 9 PM | Wed, July 31st 
NY Society for Ethical Culture
Elliott Library Room #507
2 W 64th Street
(near Columbus Circle)
New York, NY
>Send a comment to oppose the Liberty LNG Port.
>Sign the petition to divest NYC from fossil fuels.
>Other Summer Heat campaign events.
>Sign the Keystone XL Pipeline Pledge

Divestment News

In another step forward for the growing climate change divestment movement, the City Council of Cambridge, Massachusetts voted unanimously to recommend the city’s retirement board pull its investments out of the fossil fuel industry. Inspired by the student divest movement at RISD, the City Council of Providence, Rhode Island voted 11-1 June 20 to pull its investments from fossil fuels. Faith groups are also heading the call. Last month, the United Church of Christ national organization voted to divest from fossil fuels!

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