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July was quite a busy month! Across the country local 350 campaigns turned up the heat on fossil fuels. The divestment movement continues to grow, and hurricane season is once again upon us.

Last month, 350 members participated in the rally organized by the Alliance for a Just Rebuilding to demand NYC rebuild justly and sustainably after Sandy. With bigger storms on the way and money poised for redevelopment, it will become more and more important for people to be involved in the planning and development process here in NYC.

The fight against fracking continues at home. Longtime oil and gas engineer Anthony Ingraffea who developed shale fracking techniques for the Energy Department came out strongly against fracking for natural gas. With leaks of methane (an extremely potent greenhouse gas) on the rise Ingraffea says the President is wrong to support fracking, calling his support of the shale gas boom a “gangplank to a warm future.”

Locally, NJ and NY continue play hot-potato with the dirty liquefied natural gas (LNG) port proposed for New York Harbor coastline. This month is the month to call Cuomo on Mondays letting him know that, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, the LNG plan has got to go!”

Meanwhile, August is ramping up. We hope to see you at our monthly meeting on August 28th and at many of the actions before then!

Take Action

Stop the Keystone XL
Sit in at the State Department

Monday, August 12th 9 AM
Washington, D.C.
The President said that he would reject Keystone XL if it significantly increases carbon emissions. We know it will. It’s time for Secretary John Kerry and President Obama to outright reject the Keystone XL pipeline. More than 70,000 activists who have pledged to risk arrest if necessary to protest approval of Keystone XL -- we will be sitting-in in front of the State Department. Activists who are not risking arrest will rally outside in support. RSVP here.

Energy Exodus
March from Coal to Cape Wind

Southeastern Massachusetts
From August 28th to September 2nd, Labor Day, we will march from the largest point source carbon emitter in the North East to the site of the nation’s first off shore wind farm. Whether for a single day or for the entire march, we hope you can join us on our six-day trek from Brayton Point to Barnstable. RSVP here.


NYC White Roof Coating

Thursday, August 15th
Painting roofs white helps reduce the energy needed to cool them. Join us for this fun day of action as we take practical steps to reduce the city’s carbon emissions. RSVP here.

5th Annual NYC Friends of Clearwater Water Festival

August 31- 3 to 7:30pm
Come honor activist and puppeteer Bernice Silver and celebrate her 100th Year on the planet. Renewable energy is the focus of this festival New Location/New Host LES Ecology Center on the East River. More here.


11 August

Beach Party to Stop the LNG Port
Jones Beach (off the LIRR)
Long Island

12 August

Sit in at the State Department
Washington, DC

15 August

White Roof Coating

25 August

Times Square, NYC

28 August           

350NYC Monthly Meeting
New York Society for Ethical Culture
7–9 PM

28 August–Sept 2

From Coal to Cape Wind March

31 August–Sept 3

NYC Friends of Clearwater Water Fest
LES Ecology Center

Divest NYC!

Sign the Petition

Visit the fossil free website to sign the petition to divest NYC from fossil fuels. Then share on social media to spread the word!

City Divest Group Meeting

Join us as we discuss how to build the divestment movement in NYC.
Monday, August 12th, 8PM
Email for location and RSVP. Space limited.

Faith-Based Divest Meeting

August 14th 350NYC Faith-Based Divest Working Group Meeting
Rsvp to Space is limited

Stop Fracking

Call Cuomo Mondays

The “Port Ambrose” Liquified Natural Gas deepwater port has now been filed with federal agencies, opening the public comment period. Comment online here before August 22nd. More info and talking points for comments: here and here. This project CAN be stopped by gubernatorial veto.
Call Cuomo:   (518) 474-8390

Comment Period: TransCanada Water Withdrawal in Queens

There is an alarmingly short period to submit comments on a proposal by Transcanda’s for their Ravenswood facility in Queens to withdraw approximately 1.5 billion gallons per day from the East River in New York City for their gas fired power plant. No hearings are scheduled. Comments on this project must be submitted in writing to Andrea Sheeran before Aug 22.
Contact: Andrea Sheeran
625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233
(518)402-9167 |
Ask for: (1) an extension of the comment period, (2) a public hearing, (3) a SEQRA review and reclassification of this as a Type I project.

Beach Party to Stop the LNG Port

Sunday, August 11th
Jones Beach, Long Island
Join us for an outreach action against the Liquefied Natural Gas port at Jones Beach: Arrive at Penn Station by 12:50 to purchase tickets in time to catch the 1:25 LIRR train. Meet in front of the “Ticketed Waiting Area” in the main gate area. Roundtrip fare is $23. The trip to Freeport takes 47 minutes, we’ll leaflet at the station then take the shuttle bus to beach, leaflet there and then stay for a late afternoon swim before returning (return trains arrive Penn between 7-9pm). Drivers please email for instructions.Take the poll to schedule more beach outreach days.
More trip details here.
Have fun, change the world!


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Climate Movement News

Transcanada is on the run. With British Columbia successfully blocking Enbridge’s proposal for a tar sands pipeline westward and our successful delays of the Keystone Pipeline to the south, Transcanda is proposing a new pipeline extension east through Quebec and the Bay of Fundy—Canadians are already stepping up to stop the plan.

In other news, Greenland hit new record high temperatures this summer, reaching a whopping 79.6 ËšF in the Arctic Circle. More and more people are beginning to talk about climate change as a public health issue noting the many diseases and heat related problems that will spread as the planet warms. A new study has also found, rising temperatures and changes in rainfall may also lead to increased violence and conflict.

Speaking of public health, have you seen the black and white striped Tiger mosquito? Climate change has expanded their northern reach into New York and their territory is expected to grow bringing more tropical diseases to the Northeast.

Among other changes check out the 16 things that climate change is messing up, including chocolate, apple pie, football, the Tour de France, and fireworks! Who knew?
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