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Draeger Evidential
Breathalysers return.
Carte Blanche on M-Net 
Sunday 24th April 2016

South Africa has about 20 000 deaths and many thousands of  injuries, annually from vehicle crashes. Alcohol abuse is credited with causing 55% of these very preventable incidents. The long delays caused by the lack of capacity of our blood banks to analyse and give results quickly has, we feel, contributed to people not seeing drink driving for the serious and shameful crime it is, and to SA being seen as the "Drink Driving capital of the world."  The Draeger is set to make a very needed comeback in SA. Read more here:
These evidential breathalysers are trusted and used worldwide, and credited with bringing down drink driving dramatically in most  1st world countries. Their main advantages are their accuracy, ease of use and it is a non-invasive procedure which allows swift trials and judgements. This means offenders can be taken off the road quickly, with the allowed and recommended licence suspensions, or put into jail if death or serious injuries have occurred.  #AboutTimeJailTime.
Watch MEC of Transport Western Cape, Donald Grant, Hector Eliott from "Safety Home" and Caro Smit from SADD discuss the matter on Sunday 24th April 2016, on M Net 101 Carte Blanche show at 7pm.  

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National Road Safety Strategy 

We apologise for omitting the link to SADD's full comments on the National Road Safety Strategy.
Please find the full report here: National Road Safety Summit - Feedback - April 2016


Did you know?

We have a constitutional right to be safe from drink drivers on our roads. Modern day technologies such as evidential breathalysers and alcohol ignition interlocks must be implemented immediately, to both save lives and injuries, but also to prevent possible claims against the Government for negligence from their part.

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Caro Smit and John Webb, Carte Blanche 
Blood test results are given as grams (g) per 100ml.
Legal limit = <0.05g 
Professional Drivers Legal Limit = <0.02g 

If a person is injured and on a drip just use the opposite arm.
It is legally permissible to draw blood from the arm without the drip.

Once the completed SAPA 308A form is given to the Dr or Nurse, they are legally obliged to draw blood. 
With the Draeger results are given as breath levels in milligrams (mg) per 1000mls
Legal limit = <0.24mg 
Professioanl Drivers Legal limit = <0.10mg 
A screening device can give results as either breath levels (mg) or as converted to blood levels (g). 
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