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Welcome to our very first Author profile.It is with great pleasure I can introduce

Fiona McArthur.

What is your name? Do you write under a pen name?
I'm Fiona, Fi, and McArthur is my middle name, because the girls in our family have McArthur in their names. I love it. Two of my grand daughters have McArthur -and one son- it was tricky for me with all boys. 

When did you start writing?
When I was thirty, I started writing early in the mornings when the kids were asleep, though it took me ten years to finish a book. Good news, said book was accepted for publication one month after I turned forty. I travel on my writing income and I don’t have any personal savings, so I have to keep writing if I want to travel. I love being a writer so that’s fine by me.

What inspired you to become a writer?
I wanted to make my fortune. LOL. But found my happy place instead. And I wanted to write a book without a pathetic heroine. With four and then five little boys, and my husband working as a paramedic, if I wanted to change my lifestyle, I needed another income. But writing sucks you in, hooks you, and now I get cranky if I don’t have a book on the go.

What did you find most difficult when you first started writing?
Finishing a book. I wanted to get that first 3 chapters out there, and have someone buy it. They never did. So, I’d start another three chapters. But the first book I finished - I sold. Big lesson. I’ve written more than forty-five books now and some are more fun than others. None of the ‘three chapters’ ever became a book.
Are you traditionally published, author published or both?
Both, I have three publishers, and my own books as well. But the books needed are all different. Which is a good thing.

Which of the above do you enjoy better and why?
I love my medical romance novels – ‘cause I write about small towns and doctors and midwives and I always fall in love with my heroes.
I love my big books, ‘cause I can write about how awesome the Australian landscape is, the outback, the friendship and support between multigenerational women. Remote medicine. And midwives. A baby (or small child) in every book is my motto. And I love author-publishing because it’s new and shiny for me and I get to make my own decisions on how I want to share that book.

What is your favourite thing about writing?
Losing yourself in a scene, being away in your head somewhere listening to other people have amusing conversations.

What is your least favourite thing about writing?
When they won’t talk to each other or to me, and a deadline is screaming towards me.

Do you have hidden messages in your books?
My core theme is support between women. I’m a midwife, I love demystifying birth, and I know women are powerful and resilient. But I also want to highlight the inner strength of ordinary people and heroism between good, kind people, women and men. I want my readers to be reminded of the good of the world.

Do you research for your books?
Travel (insert big Fi smile) and talking to people.
How many hours a day do you write?
Probably 1-2 most days or 4-6. Depends on the deadline and the book. I’ve discovered that if I do at least 1 hour every day my book will come in on time. If I push – then two books can come in at the same time. But you can’t do that forever and afterwards you crash.
How many books have you written?

Do you draw off your personal life for information in your books?
Absolutely. My travel, my work experience as a midwife, my own moral code and the behaviour I expect from a hero. And I listen to audiobooks a lot.

Do you like doing edits?
Yes, I do. A/ it means I finished the book . B/  after time out and someone else’s input a good book can be a great book. I LOVE edits that resonate with me because I’m usually too blinded by the words to see the story.

Do you remove much content when you do you edits?
No. I’m always chasing words. My books are the shorter end of their genre. My edits usually say explain more.

What scenes do you find most difficult to write?
Sex scenes. So, I don’t. Or rarely. Next morning…

What is your advice to any aspiring authors
Finish the book. Please. And celebrate because a lot of people never finish that first book and they don’t make the leap you can only learn from that. Then start the next.
What is your favourite book?
Cross Stitch- Diana Gabaldon

Verbis- Connect with Authors would like to thank Fiona McArthur for taking the time to share a little about herself. You can find Fiona's books in all amazing bookstores throughout Australia and they are also available to purchase online bookstores for paperback copies or you can download  Audio and

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