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Visit Grand Junction Stakeholder eNewsletter - March 2023

Elizabeth's GJ Communiqué

Wouldn't it be great to ask one million U.S. residents any question you want and get their honest feedback? Or would you like to ask guests who have visited Grand Junction a specific question about their visit?

Visit Grand Junction utilizes a market research panel platform that communicates with a variety of audiences to gain insights that can't be captured accurately or as efficiently via any other format. See below for a recent question we asked U.S. consumers regarding how much they are willing to spend on lodging per night.

Are you wondering what menu items or beverages to add to your restaurant that would be popular? Are you considering adding an activity and are curious if visitors would be interested? Are you debating what hotel amenities guests prefer? Curious about what forms of advertising consumers respond most to? Are you unsure about a specific price point for a service you provide?

Send us your questions and we'll reach out to one million consumers to provide you with accurate, dependable, and honest results to assist you and your business. Email with the subject line: Question for U.S. consumers

Thank you,
Director, Visit Grand Junction or 970-256-4052

Lodging Tax Revenue Report

January 2023

January's lodging tax collection has not been verified yet, so we will report on collections next month. 

Of the Grand Junction lodging properties that reported their metrics to STR, LLC.* occupancy for January 2023 was 44.3%, ADR was $79.37, and RevPAR was $35.18. As expected, Grand Junction experienced a decrease in all hotel metrics compared to the previous month of December. January 2023’s business experienced a 4.2% decrease in occupancy, a 1.6% decrease in ADR, and a 5.7% decrease in RevPAR compared to December 2022.

Of the Grand Junction lodging properties that reported their metrics to STR, LLC., year-to-date occupancy through January 2023 is 44.3%, ADR is $79.37, and RevPAR is $35.18.

Compared to the U.S. for January: 
Grand Junction's January 2023 occupancy of 44.3% is 8.5% lower than the U.S. occupancy rate of 52.8%. 
Grand Junction's January 2023 ADR of $79.37 continues to trend lower than the U.S. ADR of $142.14.

Compared to Colorado for January:
Grand Junction's January 2023 occupancy of 44.3% is 8.3% lower than Colorado's occupancy rate of 52.6%.
Grand Junction's January 2023 ADR of $79.37 continues to trend lower than Colorado’s ADR of $166.67.

For national metrics, Grand Junction was 8.5% lower than U.S. hotels in average occupancy, 79.1% lower in ADR (proof there is room to raise rates), and 113.2% lower in RevPAR for January 2023 due to the higher ADR for the U.S. 

Compared to the entire state, Grand Junction was 8.3% lower than Colorado hotels in average occupancy, 110.0% lower in ADR, and 149.1% lower in RevPAR for January 2023, due to Colorado’s higher ADR. 

When excluding Colorado ski towns (Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Vail, Avon, Beaver Creek, Winter Park, Steamboat Springs, Snowmass, Aspen, Crested Butte, and Telluride), Grand Junction was 7.3% lower than the rest of the state in average occupancy, 49.9% lower in ADR (again, proof there is room to raise rates), and 74.6% lower in RevPAR, due to the rest of state’s higher ADR. 
Click here for the latest sales, use, and lodging tax collection reports from the City of Grand Junction.

Lodging Rates

Using the market research platform described in the above Communiqué, we asked one million U.S. consumers the following question. Based on the results, Grand Junction lodging has the ability to raise rates without compromising occupancy.
*Statistically Significant Results

Innovative Collaborations

Willingness to Take Risks is Part of a Winning Strategy, Hotel Revenue Managers Say - Costar

This article discusses innovative collaborations within hotel departments to reveal new opportunities for increased revenue. Comments about ADR: "The big surprise was that ADR continued to increase despite occupancy being diluted a bit." And also bringing finance to the table: "The finance team, for example, began sitting in on all revenue calls." And culinary staff joining revenue management meetings: "People have a higher willingness to pay for a higher level of experience...When a sales manager, for example, goes to the executive chef and says, 'I've got this [client] prospect, here's what they're thinking on the culinary side, what ideas do you guys have that could help us upsell them? What tricks do you have up your sleeve that we might be able to pitch?'" Getting your teams to collaborate, provides a renewed sense of pride in their work and gets everyone out of their silos.

You often hear Visit Grand Junction state that the hospitality industry is the most upwardly mobile career that exists. The article includes: "Highly engaged front-desk associates are oftentimes our future [general managers], our future revenue leaders, future sales leaders, because they not only know how to address conflict, [they] offer solutions, negotiate and identify opportunities," he said. "Those are all key traits of a solid front-of-house associate. The front desk is and will continue to be a huge source of intel for how we make decisions and set strategy." The hospitality industry provides jobs for people who may not have a higher education or are skilled in a specific trade, yet they can work their way up to a six-figure income. Most hotel GM's began in an hourly position.

If you would like additional assistance with your hospitality management strategies, feel free to contact Elizabeth at


Spring is here and Grand Junction's event season is quickly ramping up, so be sure to submit your events on Visit Grand Junction's event calendar. This page was the fourth-highest viewed page in 2022, after the homepage, things to do and the wild horse blog. During the summer season, it often rises to 2nd-most viewed. Visit GJ will continue to invest in paid advertising to boost events, so the calendar is a FREE valuable resource for you. Also, the event page is used by residents and guests, so adding your event will increase your visibility and drive additional visitation.

Visit Grand Junction hosts monthly Special Events Task Force hybrid meetings at the Grand Junction Visitor Center. Event owners and managers convene to share marketing ideas, assist each other with challenges, and collaborate on strategies and logistics. At the March meeting, volunteer recruitment was the main topic. Check out the Task Force page for volunteer resources provided by the United Way and Mesa County's RSVP program. 

If you are involved with events, in any capacity, in the Grand Junction area (Mesa County), and would like to join next month's Special Event Task Force meeting, please reach out to Mason at

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