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Throughout May I know I mumbled "What day is it?" a lot. Last month my lackluster subject line ruffled a few feathers, I've extended my apologies... Let's move right on to the thank you's. Thank you for not unsubscribing. Thank YOU to those of you that could relate. It was refreshing to mindlessly chat about fictional characters as if they were real people. Your secrets are safe with me ;)
 May has been an overall delightful roller coaster ride - completing projects, starting new projects, triathlon committee kickoff meeting and a bit of running. I was part of the DEVO team for the 'NAHS Back to the 80's 5k' with the most rad team ever! I ran my second half marathon last weekend in Hyannis... Ummm, ran it Non-Stop !! Tomorrow is the Color Run at Gillette Stadium.

I'm still not taking on any new graphic design clients or large scale design projects at the moment but have referral resources as needed - feel free to email me with inquires. Looking forward to catching up with the real world and being outdoors as much as possible. 

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Logo Design for Trust Tree - Catalog on Press - Packaging Sticker Designs - Logo Design and Marketing Materials for A&N


Play Ball! - Beach Day Preview - Test Drive - Kindergarten Field Trip Fun


Evening Playtime at the Track - 80's 5k Team One Hit Wonder - Mothers' Day Love - Half Marathon Finish


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