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Learn to tell forest project stories that resonate.


Dear Reader,
Have you ever wondered how to create a strong momentum of transformation by sharing your vision of a forest project and inspiring others to co-create?

Tell your story!

A story that makes people excited and eager to share it with their closest friends can be the most powerful tool you will ever have!

Already ancient cultures transported and activated their knowledge through narratives. Stories evoke interest and curiosity. They transfer knowledge and experience. The stories we tell and listen to influence what we think and believe, they can change our close social environment and even the culture of entire societies.

Storytelling is a key agent for change-makers. Everyone who aims to lead a project, organization, or entire movement must tell a story of transformation that resonates with its followers and advocates.

However, our perception is that storytelling is still a neglected domain in the field of natural resources management while being the on of the most important tasks of leadership.

Therefore, we decided to compile a list of articles we have written on this topic which provide more background about various aspects of storytelling such as psychology, ethical values, transparency, multimedia tools, mapping, and communication channels.

Understanding the different dimensions of storytelling will help you to better tell stories. It will enable you to take the lead and grow the impact of your projects and organization.

Enjoy the reading!

Alexander Watson



Background articles about storytelling for forest landscape projects.

Let your project story grow

Transparent and exciting storytelling complements certification and can add a lot of value to generic carbon, social and environmental standards.

#certification #storytelling #focus

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How to tell a compelling story about forests?

This is an introductory article to the wider field of storytelling.

#psychology #storysetting #focus #multimedia #ethics

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Transparent and successful communication about your forest project.

The open data approach needs to be intrinsic and has to be born out of a new and more open corporate culture.

#opendata #corporateculture #transparency

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Weak vs. Strong Sustainable Forest Management

What are the values your project stands for? Which values are you are communicating with your stakeholders and the public.

#sustainability #values

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The Core Concept of Sustainability

We need to know what we are talking about. This article outlines the importance of the initial sustainability concept and how it describes our relationship with the world and nature over time.

#wording #sustainability #definition

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A Map is Worth a Thousand Words

How interactive web maps revolutionize the communication for landscape reforestation projects.

#storytelling #webmaps #interactivity

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Multimedia tools for storytelling

Examples: 360° aerial panoramas
High-resolution project visualization from the birds-eye perspective.
Example: Web map for small-holder reforestation program
Farmers are supported by individual donors.

Fairventures Worldwide
Example: Web map to show wildlife corridors
Reforestation of wildlife corridors in an agricultural zone supported by corporate brands.

The platform is the place to tell your exciting project story.
The interactive map-based platform is designed to present forest and landscape projects and tell their stories while connecting like-minded organizations and stakeholders from around the world.
If you can answer the following questions with a "Yes", you might be ready to apply for a user account at
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