February 2023 TWP Mobile Prayer Guide
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Last month we began to look at the idea of shalom, the peace of God.  But in truth, it is a much larger concept than simply “peace.”  Shalom speaks to the completeness, wholeness, or balance of a thing.  It is a state of being that is free from lack, brokenness, incompleteness, and the like.  One example would be in Nehemiah 6:15, where the wall of Jerusalem is described as being rebuilt and finished, it literally says the wall was “shalom,” because all its pieces and components, though once torn apart, had been put back together in their proper place, and once again made whole.
As the people of God and priests to our world (1 Pet. 2) we are called to be a presence of shalom in the world.  Though brokenness and pain are all around us, we can be this steadfast and healing presence in the midst, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  However, there is often one problem that hinders our ministry of shalom.  Namely, personal experience and practice.  In order to carry a shalom presence to the world, we must embrace and practice it ourselves, and this is not something that can be done alone.  To try and do it on our own would be to contradict the very meaning of the word!
In order for Christ’s Body to be shalom (whole), all its members must be together and in alignment with the Head that is Jesus, AND with one another. (see Matt.5:23-24)
We believe that God is speaking SHALOM over His Church, calling us to acknowledge Him and each other, and in so doing, realize a state of shalom, from which He can activate us to carry shalom healing into our world through our individual areas of influence.
With this frame of mind, let’s come before the Lord with humble hearts to intercede with His will.
How is the Spirit leading you to pray towards the healing and wholeness of the Body of Christ?
Take time to yield to this leading now. (Scripture support: 1 Pet.2:4-5, Eph.1:18-21, Eph.2:19-22, Eph.3:14-19, Eph.4:1-16)
Prayerfully consider each of the spheres of influence listed below.  For each one: where is there lack? What is missing? Where are the gaps?  What is Christ’s heart?
Let’s take some time to pray into these things as the Spirit gives insight.
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     Arts/Sports/Entertainment     Religion
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