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As we close out this unforgettable year we are reminded of the critical role of families in everyday life.  All have felt the frustrated longings for family togetherness that were seen at Thanksgiving time and have had great hopes for the treasured moments with loved ones at Christmas time.  In response, we turn our prayer focus once again to the critical role of the family in the advancement of the gospel of Christ around us.  This is the focus of our united prayers this month

Praising God for His work in the home.
We begin today by worshipping God around His gracious works that show up in our families.  Using the two companion “songs of ascent” in Psalms 127 and 128, take note of the various ways God’s benefits are seen in the lives of those whose trust is in God.  Meditate on each of these, thinking first of examples you have seen in your own life and those of others close to you, and then giving worshipful praise to God for his goodness and mercy.

The gospel in our homes.
The family unit is the primary vehicle for the good news of God’s salvation to be passed along.  These blood relationships become the bridges for God’s forgiveness and transforming power to travel from one to another.

Today we will consider six kinds of family connection that can bring new life to others.  As we consider each one, consider first the scriptural example of it, then give thanks for people that you know who have been touched in this way, and then, most importantly, ask God to work this way here and now.  Pray that individuals in your own circle, community, and state, will hear and believe through the loving witness of their family members.

Parents and children
Read Psalm 78:5-7 and notice God’s ideal plan for the transmission of spiritual truth from parents to their children.  Thinking of some parents you know personally, ask God to show them how to live the gospel authentically before their children and how to pass the faith on to their descendants.

Grandparents and grandchildren
The influence of both parents and grandparents in the life of Timothy is a classic example of what God can do through grandparents who are determined to pass their faith on to the next generation.  Read about it in 2 Timothy 1:4-6 and give thanks for the grandparents you know who have a heart for the gospel.  Ask God for a miraculous spiritual awakening among Rhode Island’s baby boomers that will bear fruit in an explosion of spiritual hunger among young people here.

Brothers, sisters, and their siblings
Whether they are “kids like them”, fellow teenagers, or adults and in-laws raising families, brothers and sisters have an unmatched opportunity for spiritual reproduction among those closest to them.  A classic example of this is seen in the connection between Andrew and Peter.  Read of this in John 1:40-42, noting how this came about and the fruit that it bore.  Join in prayer for those you know who are burdened for siblings that are still far from God.  Pray that God will free believers from the hesitancy that many feel about ministry to close family members.  Ask God to give them boldness and perseverance.

Single mothers and their families
An estimated 28,000 RI women are leading and providing for families.  These mothers have an opportunity to pass the greatest gift to their children.  Be encouraged by the example of Lydia in Acts 16:14-15. She was not only the first convert in Europe, but this women, likely a widow, made an eternal difference in the lives of those under her care.  Ask God to bring more and more such women to a personal faith in Jesus, and to then empower them to make disciples in their homes as never before.

Extended family members
The Roman centurion and the Philippian jailer (Read Acts 16:30-34 for the background.) are two great examples of God using the new faith of one person to influence an entire extended family for the gospel.  Their “households” doubtless represented many family members and servants.  Plead with God to build Jesus’ church here in the RI area by dramatic modern examples of cousins, in-laws, siblings, parents, and children becoming part of God’s family.

Husbands, wives, and their spouses
Christ following husbands and wives married to unbelieving.  spouses are, more than any others, perfectly positioned to both live and powerfully speak the words of life to their life partners.  See how God’s vision for this is described in 1 Corinthians 7:12-16.  Pray for those you know who are “unequally yoked” and ask God to bless them with the joy of seeing their mate coming to God.  As you do, pray that again and again, homes will become places of unified and transforming faith.
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