November 2021 TWP Mobile Prayer Guide
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A Time for Thanksgiving.
November is a perfect time to meditate on Psalm 92:1-4.  Reflect on these verses, and then make a list of all the “works of God” that He brings to your mind, and give thanks one by one for each of these.

The people He puts in our lives are singled out for special thanks.  Paul wrote in Ephesians 1:16, “I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.”  Following that pattern, let’s thank God for people in each of the nine spheres we are covering and remember them in our prayers. As you are able, under each sphere, bring several particular individuals in our RI area to mind and pray for them specifically.

Thank God for business owners, supervisors, and workers who are wise, faithful, and courageous, and who are unrelenting in a testimony to the gospel that is matched by a consistent devotion to quality work that honors God.
Pray for their protection from opposition, for more open doors for them, and for the blessing of a fruitful response in the hearts of those they are loving and reaching.

Thank God for conscientious teachers who know their craft, love and inspire their students, and model an exemplary, transformed life; and for their life changing influence as they patiently cope with the problems facing these young lives. 
Pray that these find favor with appreciative parents and administrators, leading to open doors for timely witness.

Thank God for spouses who are selfless, devoted, and sacrificial in their love for their mates and who show the difference of the Christ-transformed life; and for parents who exemplify diligence, wisdom, and unconditional love as they make disciples of their children of various ages.
Pray that these families will consistently give worshipful honor to God, spend time together in God’s word, submit their decisions, priorities, and practices to Christ’s rule, and share their faith with relatives and neighbors.

Thank God for officials who work hard for a society in which justice, peace, honesty and freedom are flourishing.  Especially give thanks for all, whether followers of Jesus or not, who respect, protect, and contend for the moral standards and values of our Biblical foundations.
Pray that these will be successful, effective, and responsive to conscientious citizen feedback.  Ask God to give them a dedication to righteous conduct, and to cause the weight of their duties to turn them towards Jesus.

Thank God for believers who have taken up the mantle of engagement in journalism, the performing arts, or communications in order to bring Kingdom values into this society shaping sphere. 
Pray that God will empower these broadcasters, studio staff, P.R. directors, editors, and performers and guide them for effective gospel witness in these settings.

Public Safety\Security (Military)
Thank God for these public servants, officers, and soldiers who wear uniforms and bear arms on our behalf, (for “…the one who is in authority… is God's servant for your good.” Rom. 13:3), especially those known for principled integrity.
Ask for their protection from the physical dangers, emotional and mental burdens, and family pressures they face.  Pray that God will use them to steer people facing crises or epic failures toward a new direction and faith.

Healthcare \ Social Service
Give thanks for tireless medical workers who are giving compassionate care to the sick, suffering, and dying.
Ask God to make them the hands and feet of the Great Physician and to use them to give hope, help, and healing in His name, by both their actions and words.

Racial Harmony
Thank God for believers of all ethnicities who have a vision for God’s “one redeemed people” and who are loving their neighbors of all colors, languages, and culture.  Praise God for the “blessed peacemakers” who actively seek to lower tensions, overcome grievances, and welcome strangers.
Pray that these enlightened Christ-followers will know how to shine the gospel’s light amid tensions and ignorance.

The Church
Thank God for local congregations that are committed to multi-ethnic outreach and inclusion which mobilize their members to be God’s bridges to people unlike themselves.
Pray that the vestiges of superiority, indifference, and self-absorption will be overcome by a visitation of God’s Spirit that will reverse the divisions in our New England societies.
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