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A month for commencements

For graduates, commencement means the beginning of the next new phase of their lives.  But Jesus is the one who truly “makes all things new.”  Before we pray for the new things God wants to do here and now, let’s reflect on the new things that await us upon Jesus’ return.  Take some time to meditate on Revelation 21:1-5, writing down all the examples you can see of what new things await us in the eternal state.  Then use this list to guide you in a season of worshipful thanksgiving for your future in Christ.

Praying for new beginnings

Let’s pray that this year, this month will be marked by the commencement of new things within the nine spheres of life for which we are praying.  Below are some examples.  For each one, add the names of people you know personally who are described, and include them also in your prayers.


Following the relaxation of Covid restrictions, this month marks a fresh start for many businesses.  Let’s pray that the resumption of physical contact of Christian employees with each other and with clients will result in new gospel opportunities for both showing and telling the love of Jesus.


Many graduating students are about to take on new life challenges, responsibilities, debts, and opportunities.  Ask God to cause these new burdens to turn their hearts and thoughts upward and to draw them into a search for truth.  For most students and teachers, however, June really represents the beginning of a summer break and a change of pace.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them quiet moments to commence a new search for a relationship with God.


More marriages – and the families they create – are begun in the month of June than in any other.  Pray that couples of all ages throughout our region will resolve to give God his rightful place in their homes and commence the practices of family prayer and the reading of the Bible.


This past year, in government and public affairs at all levels, there have been contentious disagreements and missteps.  Pray that God would bring about the beginning of a new commitment to mutual respect and peace among the warring political and cultural tribes around us, and with that peace, a search for the answers to the uncertainties of life – a search that leads to more and more people discovering Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Healthcare \ Social Service

As the focus on Covid-19 fades, many people will finally be getting back to postponed treatments and procedures, and many furloughed workers will return to offices and treatment centers.  Ask God to turn these resumed relationships and activities into bridges for gospel conversation and timely witness to those in need.  And pray that the labors of those in these fields will see a new level of genuine care for human life and compassion.

Media \ Arts

Countless musical and dramatic organizations have been virtually shut down for many months.   As they prepare to re-commence rehearsals and performances, pray that believing participants will have timely words of encouragement for their partners that will lead to effective gospel witness.

Public Safety \ Security (Military)

One year after last summer’s racial “reckoning” and calls for defunding law enforcement, the challenges of a life devoted to protecting and securing safety for us all have only grown.  Pray for a new easing of tensions following months of lockdowns and restrictions and the beginning of a new movement towards civility and grace in our region’s society.

Racial Harmony

Polarization pits people with different perspectives and life experiences against one another.  But not all “perspectives” are Biblically valid, and not all life experiences are understood in the light of truth.  This is especially true in the realm of race relations and the search for the “peaceable and quiet life” the Bible speaks about.  Pray that godly people will be given wisdom to understand the times and that the great deceiver will be thwarted in his attempts to advance divisive error among us here in the RI area.

The Church

Jesus never stopped building his church, but many are trusting God for the commencement of more effective, God honoring, and Christ-like ministries in and from our churches as the Covid-19 restrictions are eased.  Pray that we come out of the crisis with clearer vision and greater passion for His work.

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