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Volume 14 - G.H.P. 2021 - December 2021 Issue A.I. 2551
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Managing editor: E∴ Richard M. Torrey,
Co-editors 2021: E
∴ Dan Di Natale, and E∴ Arek Gordon.   

Article Submissions: Every Companion within a Chapter in New York State!

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2021 Grand Chapter Officers
A late autumn message from the M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer, Grand High Priest
of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York Royal Arch Masons
*Text from the General Grand Chapter International Royal Arch Mason Quarterly Magazine.
Click here to view the GHP's article in the RAM Magazine Fall Edition
A late Autumn message from the R∴E∴ Jason P. Sheridan, Grand King
of the Grand Chapter of the State of New York Royal Arch Masons
*Text from the General Grand Chapter International Royal Arch Mason Quarterly Magazine.
Click here to view the Grand King's article in the RAM Magazine Fall Edition


The Fraternal Union of Anointed High Priests of the State of New York (FUAHP) held its annual banquet on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at Bourbon Street Restaurant, 40-12 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, New York.

Royal Arch Masons from throughout New York State gathered together at the formal affair to honor Most Excellent Brian D. Singer, the Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter State of New York Royal Arch Masons and enjoy great food and live music while raising money for Royal Arch Charities. V∴E∴ O’Neil G.D. Bryan, President of FUAHP stated, “it was wonderful seeing so many Companions and their ladies come out and enjoy such a festive evening of fellowship, but most important to raise money for our Royal Arch Charities.” R∴E∴ Grant Held, Treasurer of FUAHP and Co-Chairman of the Grand Chapter’s Royal Arch Charities Committee said, “it gave me great pleasure to present a generous check made out to Royal Arch Charities to Most Excellent Brian D. Singer at the conclusion of his moving speech."

The Fraternal Union of Anointed High Priests was Instituted in 1890. Its sole purpose is holding an annual banquet every November to honor the sitting Grand High Priest with proceeds going to Royal Arch Charities.

Submitted by: R∴E∴ Grant Held
First Capitular District
*Photos by: E∴ Andrew Ro and E∴ James W. Gregg                                                                                                                      

The Most Worshipful Grand Master Kessler with the York Rite Leaders. Also a Special Guest courtesy of Lady Joanne, is Teddy Bear for Veterans - we were told that his Brothers will be made available in the future to raise money for the Battle Within Foundation. I will be sure to share the arrival of his Brothers to New York State when that happens!

Article and Photo submitted by:
R∴E∴ Jason Sheridan
Grand King


The DeMolay Legion of Honor was created in 1925 as the highest degree and honor conferred by the International Supreme Council. Membership in the Legion of Honor is bestowed in recognition of outstanding leadership in some field of endeavor, for service to God, country or humanity, or for success in fraternal life as evidenced in a spirit of cooperation and appreciation for the Order and its ideals.
No one may apply for the Legion of Honor, and a nominee must have no knowledge of his recommendation. Election to receive the Legion of Honor requires the unanimous vote of the Supreme Council at its annual session.

    Congratulations R∴E∴ Jason P. Sheridan!     
The First Capitular District had a successful Grand Lecturer’s Convention on November 12, 2021 at Americus-Orient Chapter No. 138 under the direction of its High Priest E∴ Antonio Giannattasio, Assistant Grand Lecturer V∴E∴ Ken Jordan, and the Grand Lecturer R∴E∴ Anthony Klimathianos. All six Chapters of the 1st Capitular District were represented at the Convention. In addition the DDGHP of the 1st Capitular District, R∴E∴ Mete Talimcioglu, Grand Chaplain, R∴E∴ Wainright McKenzie and Past Grand High Priests, M∴E∴ Paul Huck and M∴E∴ Cyril Francis were among the attendees.
R∴E∴ Mete Talimcioglu, DDGHP
1st Capitular District
Greetings Companions,

The Grand Lecturers Convention was hosted by Nassau Chapter No. 109 on November 8
th.  The R∴E∴ Anthony Klimathianos provided us with an explanation of the Sword Manual.  We also had an interesting discussion about the Mark Master, Most Excellent Master & Royal Arch Degrees.  He concluded his presentation with a discussion of King Solomon’s Temple.  We were honored to have the R∴E∴ Jason Sheridan, the Grand King in attendance. R∴E∴ Sheridan addressed the Companions at the end of the Convention.

On November 9th the second session of The Capitular Development Course was conducted by E∴ James this Gregg, the Education Chairman of the District on Zoom.  This session focused on the Virtual Past Master & Most Excellent Master sections of the book.  The next session will be held on December 14th.

I want to wish all the Companions and their families a Joyous Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanza.
With Fervency & Zeal,
R∴E∴ Walter R. Leong
District Deputy Grand High Priest
Second Capitular District.     
We were blessed in November as the 3rd Capitular District hosted its Annual Grand Lecturers Convention. All Chapters in the District participated in the ritual and were honored as R∴E∴ Anthony Klimathianos gave us instruction and insight into the history of our ritual. R∴E∴ Mark Peerson also presented E∴ Joe Ruiz with his Diamond pin in the Zerubbabel Society and R∴E∴ Mark Elliott was given his AGL Commission. It was truly a night of fun and fellowship.

R∴E∴ Scott Bisogni
DDGHP-3rd District

Athelstane Lodge No. 839 had a York Rite Night on November 2, 2021. All bodies were represented and spoke about each organization in the York Rite. Pictured from left to right, SK Louis Irizarry II, Zone 3 Zone Commander, V∴E∴ Bruce McQuade, AGL for RAM 5th Capitular District, W∴ Jim Burton, Master of Athelstane Lodge, R∴I∴ Dan Elliott, Grand Captain of the Guard, Grand Council of Cryptic Masons, and R∴I∴ Mel Birmbaum, DDGM for District 2, Grand Council. The Presentations were well received. 

Submitted By:
R∴I∴ Dan Elliott, Grand Captain of the Guard,
Grand Council of Cryptic Masons.
What a wonderful evening in the 6th Capitular District on Nov. 4th hosted by St. George's Chapter No.157 as they welcomed the GM1V, R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort for his Grand Line Officer visit. The Convocation was preceded by a delicious dinner and Right Excellent Caucus. What a gorgeous Masonic facility featuring many historical items dated back to 1774. A must-see if in the area.

Thanks to DDGHP Jordan Jaquay and the Companions of Dist. 6 for the hospitality and a great visit! Accompanying R∴E∴ Lort was the District 10 leadership, DDGHP, R∴E∴ Terry Byard and AGL, V∴E∴ David Pritt.
R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of New York
Sackets Harbor Chapter No. 68 Exalted 4 new Companions last night with a 5th in waiting. The degree was led by E. Gary Eves, RAM Ritual Award recipient, and was preceded by a pot-luck dinner. 

Exalted were Companion Jeremy Ryder and Companion Marvin Blachman of Pulaski Chapter #279 in District 12, Companion Dan Hogan of Sackets Harbor #68 and Companion Mike Trickey of Theresa Chapter #149

R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of New York
It was a wonderful evening for Capitular Masonry November 18th when our Grand High Priest, M∴E∴ Brian D. Singer visited Massena Chapter #300 in Massena, NY. ME. Singer spoke about being in Massena 9 years ago when a class of over 20 Companions was exalted in a 1-day Festival. He also spoke of the need for renewed efforts to keep Capitular Masonry alive and thriving in the far corners of our Jurisdiction. Joining the G.H.P. was the District 10 leadership team of V∴E∴ David Pritt, R∴E∴ James Babcock, R∴E∴ Terry Byard-DDGHP as well as R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort, GM1V and R∴E∴ A.J. Bienias, GS. Pizza and wings preceded the Convocation which was enjoyed by all. Photo credit to: R∴E∴ A.J. Bienias.

R∴E∴ Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman
       Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of New York.                       
Happy Holidays Companions! As 2021 slowly comes to its close, let's look back and reflect upon a very challenging year.

We began the year waiting upon vaccine approvals for COVID-19 with hope that would allow us to eventually begin meeting in person again. Both eventually happened and the "new normal" began with sparsely attended meetings at first but eventually many returning to gather with their Companions. Zoom was a substitute for live meetings in the beginning but continues to have its place - perhaps Zoom meetings in January & February during our snowiest times might prevent meetings being cancelled outright - give that some thought.

Congratulations to Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 for welcoming several new Royal Arch Companions with their conferral of the Holy Royal Arch Degree in November! This has been some time coming. This Chapter is the only Chapter in the 12th Capitular District that has regularly been doing Degrees - I challenge the other Chapters to begin doing their own - either for new candidates or as an exercise to get back into the "habit."

New Officers will be elected & installed this month for the ensuing year. This is a great time to be reviewing & rehearsing the Opening & Closing of Chapter. Give our AGL, V
∴E∴ Jim Nelson, a shout out for assistance! It has been some time since any Chapter was seeking education - Companion Bob Tyrrell is available and waiting to hear from you!

New & returning Chapter Leaders in the 12th Capitular District - please get your year end reports mailed to Grand Chapter with a copy emailed to me as soon as possible.

Marian & I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season! We hope that you get to spend some time with your families and loved ones this year and be thankful for all that we have.

Stay safe & see you in 2022!

R∴E Richard J. Powell

District Deputy Grand High Priest, 12th Capitular District

Grand Chapter State of New York, Royal Arch Masons

Greetings Companions of the 12th Capitular District, 

This year has been an interesting one, with a number of false starts, and difficulties in moving our Chapters into a more normalized schedule. I applaud all of the Chapters who have made the efforts to keep your Chapters going through the difficulties we faced with the Covid shutdowns and the aftermath of poor attendance or other factors interrupting the normal flow of meetings and degrees. 

For those of you who are electing new officers or appointing new Companions to new positions, please know I would be glad to be of service to help with the transitions. If you need any assistance with working on the Opening and Closing, or with any of the Degrees, please let me know. My email is: – it would be my pleasure to assist you. 

We had some interesting ideas brought up by the Central City Riverside Chapter to hold a Degree Event, while this is in its infancy, it is certainly something to look into, though we do encourage every Chapter to put on Degrees, as having a part in the degrees can increase your own personal understanding of the lessons being taught. Holding a larger event can help cement the bonds we have between Chapters, and potentially between Districts. 

I hope everyone in our District (and all who happen to read this) have a blessed and joyous time in celebration of the holiday of their faith. May your celebrations be filled with smiles, laughter and love, may they rekindle the warm bonds you have with your families, friends, and fraternal ties. Give the gift that is most precious, time and new memories with each other. I also ask that you remember those who might not be able to get about, see if there are ways you can assist them with rides or a visit.

I wish you all a wonderful ending to this particular year, so that the New Year, which is fast approaching, starts on a positive note. 
With Fervency and Zeal, 
∴E∴ James Nelson
AGL – 12th Capitular District, Royal Arch Masons

Greetings Companions, 

I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready to enjoy the holidays. This year went by so fast I can't believe it's all most over.

The last meeting  was a council meeting that was cancelled. The next meeting will be the summoned annual convocation and election of officers. I hope all our Companions will try to make it and step up and maybe take a office.

I traveled down to Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 on Nov 10 with our newest exalted Companion Tom Duskee for the Holy Royal Degree. It was a great job done by Chapter 247 and we now have a new Companion to join us at the next meeting. 


E∴ Ronald A. Bond
High Priest

Lake Ontario Chapter No. 165
Greetings Companions, 

We are approaching the end of another year, one which has seen us slowly begin to resume our normal schedules with our Chapter. We are celebrating having new Companions come into our Chapter, and hopefully taking on positions in the line. We are so pleased with seeing our Chapter grow a little larger, and having new Companions continue their Masonic journey to include Royal Arch. 

It has been difficult, with many set backs to holding the Holy Royal Arch Degree, but through diligence we were able to hold the degree on November 10
th, and complete this portion of the Royal Arch journey with these new Companions. We look forward to getting back into a more normal schedule of degrees so it doesn’t take as long as this journey took. 

We will be holding our Chapter elections this month, potentially the results of this election of officers will already be decided by the time you are reading this. I have every confidence that all those who are elected and appointed to the line will continue to promote our Chapter to new success. 

I wish all of you a most joyous Holiday Season, that your various celebrations with family and friends are a way to mark our progress out of this pandemic, and renewed appreciation for such warm and loving gatherings. May the New Year, which is rapidly approaching, be one where we see more spreading of love and compassion for our fellow Masons and the communities that surround us. Even better would be if each of our Fraternal Orders can be examples for others to look upon to rebuild our little corners of the world. 

May peace and joy be yours, and be shared with all your loved ones. 

With Fervency and Zeal, 
V∴E∴ James Nelson
Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 Royal Arch Masons

Congratulations to our newest Royal Arch Masons as Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247 in Skaneateles, NY conferred the Holy Royal Arch Degree on Wednesday, November 10th. We were able to confer the degree on 6 of the 7 candidates in our degree cycle. Five from Charles Platt and one from Lake Ontario Chapter. A delicious dinner was prepared by Companion Ryan Hanlon that preceded the degree and enjoyed by the 20 Companions in attendance. It was a long evening, but truly enjoyable and gratifying as we continue to grow our Royal Arch Chapter.  

With fervency and zeal,
E∴ Richard M. Torrey
Past High Priest 2018 and 2019
Charles H. Platt Chapter No. 247

As AGL for the 13th Capitular District, I encourage you to please keep me updated with dates and times for any upcoming ritual work!

When possible, I would very much like to attend and observe any work of the Craft!  If you need help filling parts or with rehearsals, I am again available to assist!

My best to all of my companions during this upcoming holiday season!

S & F,
∴E∴ Michael Miller
AGL, 13th Capitular
Amherst- Geneva Chapter No. 36 has a new Companion! Trevor Arnold was exalted at Tonawanda-Keystone Chapter on November 23, 2021. Pictured above: (l to r) R∴E Brian D. Singer Grand High Priest, Companion Trevor Arnold, and R∴E∴ Jamie J. Kaim, Jr. High Priest of Geneva Chapter No. 36. 

With Fervency and Zeal,
R∴E∴ Jamie Kaim, Jr. Grand Royal Arch Captain.
R∴E Daniel Lort, RAM Charities Chairman and Grand Master of the 1st Veil  took time out on the opening day of deer season in the southern zone to form a posse and track down the Sheriff of Allegany County,  E Companion Rick Whitney of Bolivar Chapter No. 280 in District 14 to present him his Jewel, ruby pin, and a handshake of thanks for his recent membership in the Zerubbabel Society. R∴E Lort was joined for the presentation by R∴E Lort’s  nephew, Comp. Josh Allen, a newly exalted Companion from Ames Chapter No. 88 in District 16. Congratulations and a big Royal Arch thank you to E Comp. Whitney!
Photo 1(l-r)
R∴E Daniel Lort and E Rick Whitney
Photo 2(l-r) 
R∴E Daniel Lort, E Rick Whitney, Comp. Josh Allen

R∴E Daniel G. Lort
Grand Master of the First Veil-2021
Royal Arch Charities Co-Chairman
Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of the State of New York                     
Wonderful evening at Tonawanda Keystone Chapter No 71, Royal Arch Masons, State of New York. Conferral of the Holy Royal Arch Degree with the M∴W Grand Master, Richard J Kessler in the East and
M∴E Brian Singer, Grand High Priest attending.

Submitted by:
R∴E Peter Stein, DDGHP
 16th Capitular District

Brian Ramos invested as York Rite Tribune

During the 2021 New York DeMolay LeadCon Brother Brian Ramos was formally invested with the Degree of York Rite Tribune.  Brother Brian was selected as an honoree back in 2020 when he was completing his service as State Scribe but due to COVID19 was unable to be formally invested with it.  COVID19 finally cooperated and a public investiture was held on Saturday November 13, 2021. During the State Chapter Meeting the DeMolays welcomed M∴W Richard J. Kessler, Grand Master of Masons, R∴W Steven Adam Rubin, Deputy Grand Master, R∴W Robert Hogan, Senior Grand Warden, R∴W Peter Stein, Junior Grand Warden, Right Eminent Grand Commander Sir Knight Dennis Davis, Grand Master of Cryptic Masons M∴I∴ John Gallant, and Grand High Priest Brian Singer. M∴E Brian D. Singer designated M∴E David Raymond, Grand High Priest at the time Brian was selected, to convey the Royal Arch Part.  To close the event, Grand Master Kessler gave the young men a powerful motivational speech talking about the importance of serving others and how our Masonic family makes a difference. The Grand Master spoke of the importance of the service that DeMolay, Rainbow, and Triangle make in the community.  

Brother Brian’s nomination read in part: “Brian has served as a mentor for all of our current members of Knickerbocker Chapter. He encourages weekly Meeting of the Minds gatherings with the senior members of the chapter. During his Master Councilor term, he implemented a system of daily broad outreach to the members of the chapter to ensure that all members knew what was going on and to make sure he knew what was going on in each member’s life. Brian puts a lot of time and effort into ensuring Knickerbocker Chapter is one of the better run chapters in the state, and he does that by encouraging all members to look out for their brothers & be there for one another. Brian has served the Metro Region and New York DeMolay in his current capacity as State Scribe to the best of his ability. He is not afraid to speak with any members in New York DeMolay. He is a strong listener and spends the time to understand where other members are coming from. He has performed any tasks assigned to him and will always provide some feedback, when asked. He currently is assisting in the planning of LeadCon 2020 and has assisted our State Master Councilor in the planning and execution of various activities during this current term. When Brian was Region Master Councilor, he hosted a successful banquet for the region. The region had not had a banquet/dinner dance in a few years. He made it a point to ensure it was well-attended by local DeMolay members and Rainbow/Triangle members.” 

We are very proud of Brian and all of the great work he has done! 
To learn more about the York Rite Tribune please visit:
Grand King presents an Excellent Seminar on Photography 

Each year New York DeMolay hosts an annual leadership training weekend called “LeadCon.” 2021’s LeadCon was held November 12-14th at the historic and beautiful Utica Masonic Temple. This annual event brings DeMolays from across the Empire State to learn leadership skills. This year’s event was planned by Lakes Region Master Councilor Gavin Johnson, Deputy State Master Councilor Jorge Hernandez, and State Master Councilor Brian Ramos guided by LeadCon advisor “Dad” Mark Alvarado. 

The young men wanted to know how to improve the pictures they were taking with their cellphones. They invited our Grand King,
R∴E∴ Jason Sheridan to teach a seminar on how to take better pictures.  R∴E Sheridan knocked it out of the park! He taught the young men about the importance of laying out the photo, using the rule of thirds. How if you want to take a great photo you should feel free to get up close to the subject and not rely on zoom. R∴E Sheridan also showcased how to use aperture to blur out the background.  After the presentation the DeMolays were able to do a bit of a photo scavenger hunt around the Lodge Room taking pictures of many of the interesting features and furniture of the room. 

The DeMolays were very grateful for
R∴E∴ Jason  Sheridan spending time with them!

Submitted by:  
∴E∴ Peter Brusoe,
Executive Officer of New York DeMolay.    
 Grand King Invested with the Honorary DeMolay Legion of Honor 

The Right Excellent Jason Sheridan was invested with the Honorary Legion of Honor on November 20, 2021 in Albany.

The Legion of Honor was created by “Dad” Frank Sherman Land, the founder of DeMolay, in 1925 to recognize Senior DeMolays who were serving humanity.  According to “Hi Dad!” the biography of “Dad” Land, “Dad” Charley Boyce suggested that in addition to Senior DeMolays, Master Masons should be able to become Honorary Members of the Legion of Honor. “Dad” Land recognizing the important relationship between DeMolay and Masonry immediately agreed and the Honorary Legion of Honor was created. Since then DeMolay has honored Master Masons who have rendered exceptional service to humanity with the Legion of Honor.  
R∴E Sheridan was elected to receive the Honorary Legion of Honor in 2020, however, due to COVID19 was delayed in being formally invested with it until now. The Legion of Honor was conferred by Deputy Supreme Council Member “Dad” Eric Evarts, assisted by other legionaries. The Honorary Legion of Honor Cords were presented by M∴E Piers Vaughan, Past Grand High Priest, and was dubbed by M∴E Brian D. Singer, Grand High Priest. 

Other members of the Legion of Honor Class included
W Justin Cook, W Michael Leonard, Brother Scott Birge, Brother William Leight, R∴W Pasquale Imbimbo, Brother John Sieligowski.

“Mom” Stephanie Cook, Deputy Executive Officer for Sweethearts and Young Women’s Programming was presented with the Cross of Honor.

Submitted by:  
∴E∴ Peter Brusoe,
Executive Officer of New York DeMolay.

The Companions of Holy Ark Chapter No. 304 Royal Arch Masons visited Meridian Sun DeMolay Chapter during their Black Friday lock in. Holy Ark Chapter purchased and brought several varieties of ice cream and Sundae supplies for an Ice Cream Social.

The young men were thrilled to meet and spend time with Most Excellent and Past Grand Master Jeffrey M. Williamson. Also in attendance was R∴E Keith Dash, Companion Ed Draves, and Companion Fred Velott, who is a former Chapter Dad (it turns out his great granddaughter is Beloved Queen of Lockport Triangle- that's where one of the guests hails from). 

R∴E Keith Dash contributed to the evening as he shared some amazing stories of his time in DeMolay, where he also met his wife. R∴E Dash proudly presented a donation to Meridian Sun Chapter on behalf of all the Companions of Holy Ark Chapter No. 304.

Triangle was also well represented, as we had a guest from Lockport Triangle and State Sweetheart Pearl Draves from Cassiopia and Amethyst Triangle. 

Holy Ark Chapter No. 304 is committed to our Masonic youth and more than half our Companions have a history with DeMolay! 

We followed all safety protocols with masks mandatory while not eating, but that didn't put a damper on things at all.

Respectfully submitted,
Companion Ed Draves
Holy Ark Chapter No. 304 
Download and print the PDF Ad Form here.
Let us always honor the survivors and never forget the 2,403 US Service Members and Civilians who were killed during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. A further 1,178 people were injured in the attack, which permanently sank two U.S. Navy battleships (the USS Arizona and the USS Utah) and destroyed 188 aircraft.

Wishing all our Companions and your families a
peaceful and happy Holiday Season.

   Ending another edition of your NYRAM Newsletter
     "On a Lighter Note".  

Text from the General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons International Newsletter. 

Click here to open the PDF version

Thank you for reading


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