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Dear <<First Name>>, welcome to the Winter newsletter


Dear <<First Name>>,

This quarter we update you on our new affiliation with the guys at Guru Performance, we give you tips on how to beat the bingo wing and provide a guide to sculpting your abs.




'You Better Shape Up.'

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Partnering with Guru Performance

As an integral part of our 5 stage Method we have now brought in Laurent Bannock and the team at Guru Performance to help us test clients so their objectives are met much quicker. It's important to understand precisely how your metabolism and physiology are functioning at rest and/or during exercise. Information on how your body uses fats and carbohydrates, along with stats such as your current levels of body fat, muscle mass and even hydration status – can all help you understand what is really happening (or not). Armed with all this body works data, you'll achieve your nutrition and training goals far more effectively and efficiently. Without this knowledge, it is purely guesswork.

NW8 Performance pictures
If you can't make our launch night have a little peek at the studio here.

We say goodbye to the wonderful Rosie Millen
I have worked with Rosie since the launch of The MPH Method and our success together has completely exceeded expectations. As with anyone good, they always need to follow their dreams and Rosie's new business (here) are flying off the shelves. We wish her every bit of luck in this new venture!


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The Anatomy Of A Great Abs Workout

When it comes to bodies and working out, everyone has his or her problem area. For many of us though, it’s a safe bet to assume that our focus is on improving our abs.

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The 3 Best Exercises For Sculpting The 'Bingo Wing' (Tricep)

There seems to be a lot of misconception out there that suggests that if you were to perform tricep exercises you'd lose the fat off this area. This couldn't be further from the truth and you'll find that by building up the muscle underneath the fat, the arm looks bigger. That said i'll give you tips on three exercises that are great for sculpting the tricep (three different heads of the muscle - hence the term 'Tri')

Lateral Head
Tricep Kickbacks - Bend forward leaning on a bench with one leg on the floor and one leg on the bench. Take a weight, pin your elbow into your side (make sure the arm is bent) and then extend the elbow so that the weight is going behind you.

Long Head
Overhead extension - Sitting with your back straight, hold onto one weight above the head. Keeping your arms completely straight bend them at the elbow so the weight goes behind the head. Return the weight to the extended position and repeat.

Medial Head
Close Grip Bench Press - Lying on your back with a barbell above you (same as chest press). Make sure your hands are close so that the tip of your thumbs touch each other. Bring the weight down so your elbows are touching your sides, and then press the weight back up.



Jessica Lion

Weight: 78.8kg
Height: 5ft 8
Body Fat: 31.44%
Goal 1: To lose half a stone
Goal 2: To beat half marathon personal best

After 10 Weeks
Weight: 73.8kg
Goal 1: 5kg down
Goal 2: 5:17m for 5k

Jess is a veteran rower at the Mortlake Rowing Club, and came to us in need of a bit of an overhaul. With an existing stomach condition and poor posture Jess needed our full support to give her back the drive to get back in the boat and compete again. Not only that but Jess now out performs for her age/weight category and also now competitively runs.

A list of Jess' competitions and achievements are below:

2001-2013 - spent majority of time rowing in London and Australia at top of club level
2005 - Womens Henley finalist (intermediate 4+)
2006 - Race a pair at the 2006 Australian national championships
2008 - Sydney half marathon 2 hour 5 mins
2010 - Second at Australian national championships (club 4-)
2010  -Victoria B grade rower state champion of the year and Melbourne rowing club top oarswomen of the year
2012 - Henley royal entry
*Started training with The MPH Method*
2015 - 2nd in WeHORR
2015 - PB on half marathon - 2:04




'The moment you're ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens.......... don't give up'

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