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Hey <<First Name>>, welcome to the Summer newsletter


Dear <<First Name>>,

This Summer edition we are offering up our usual news and press partnered with a new article on my journey with The Hoffman Process. Our giveaway tips are at the bottom of the newsletter concentrating this quarter on all the steps needed to accomplish an effective Pull-Up, the exercise so many people cant do!
Our first Ebook which we gave away completely FREE for all our subscribers to the Spring newsletter is still available. If you haven't got your copy then please do not hesitate to contact us and request your copy. Hopefully all new subscribers will have checked the tick box and will now be enjoying their copy of our ebook - 'The Muscle Manual: Volume 1".

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"Stamp It Out"

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"The KickAss2 Workout"

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Winner of the £150 Goody Giveaway goes to.....

Julie Greaves of East Sussex, United Kingdom!!
Well done Julie, we hope that your stash of goodies found you nicely. Please send us a pic of all your kit so we can put it in our next newsletter.

We launch our Celebrity Body Transformation packages

At the beginning of Summer we started to introduce a combined package of most of our services to get our clients in shape the quickest and most effective way. We have always believed that transformations are pretty suspect so we decided to do it properly. Our 2 & 4 month packages are designed from the inside out. We analyse all your hormones and give you the most effective diet plans anywhere in the world. On top of that the training regime is pretty intense with a combination of therapy and bio-mechanical analysis giving you a feeling of total body change. Watch this space for some of our success stories so far.

MPH Fitness launches affiliation with Kezie Foods

As a part of our Celebrity Body Transformation Packages, Kezie Foods (the new big name in Health & Fitness food) have come on board to make our clients process that much easier. Kezie specialise in grass fed organic meat (and meals) straight to the comfort of your own home. You dont even have to lift a finger and you'll be in safe hands with these guys. Clients receive a 10% discount when they undertake a package with us. You can find Kezie Foods website  here.


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The Week That Changed My Life

In short The Hoffman Process is an 8 day retreat whereby you take yourself back to your childhood, recognising the patterns that make you who you are today and to embrace them with kindness, love and understanding.

If I had read something like that six months ago, I would have instantly dismissed it as happy clapping (Pattern #1 – Judgemental – ‘Patterns’ will become clearer later on in this article).

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5 Stages To Full Pull Ups

NOTE: Make sure you can do each Stage comfortably before you proceed to the next level. This isnt meant to be done as a set. Work each Stage independently. 
  1. Stage 1 - Scapula Pushups: One of the core reasons we fail at the Pull Up is because of weak postural muscles. Scapula Pushups, engaging the middle back and Rotator Cuffs, is key to gaining that first step to stronger Pull Up muscles. Make sure you can do 3 sets of 10 before Stage 2.
  2. Stage 2 - Inverted Rows: This movement allows you to comfortably retract your shoulder blades to the Pull Up position. Make sure you can get 15 good reps before you move onto Stage 3.
  3. Stage 3 - Assisted Handstands: Yes you heard it right, assisted handstands are great Latissimus Dorsi workers. Start trying to push through your shoulders rather than just holding the position and you'll have killer shoulder blades.Do 3 sets of 20 second holds before Stage 4.
  4. Stage 4 - Towel Grips: Place Two Towels over the Pull Up bar, one for each hand, and then just hang off them both. This will drastically increase grip strength. Hang for 3 sets of 20 seconds before Stage 5.
  5. Stage 5 - Eccentric Pull Ups: Jump up to the bar and try and hold the top position (with shoulder blades squeezed together) for at least 5 seconds and then slowly lower yourself to the floor. Do 3 sets of 6 (4 seconds downwards) before you start attempting proper Pull Ups!



Kelly Cummins

Weight: 58kg
Height: 168cm
Body Fat: 23.74%
Goal: Increase Fast Twitch Strength & Power
Time: 2 months
First 8 Week Training Split (strength focus):
Sunday: REST
Monday: Strength rehab + Olympic Day
Tuesday: LSD Cardio (30 Miles)
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: LSD Cardio (30 Miles)
Friday: Full Body Conditioning & Power
Saturday: LSD Cardio (30+ Miles)

Kelly signed up with us in order to get more strength & power for her long haul runs. Kelly is a true ultra athlete competing in the following: London Marathon, New York Marathon (3hr 15mins PB), Chicago Marathon, Brussels Marathon, Comrades Ultra Marathon (90km), Bronze medal finisher 2005 North Face Challenge Series Ultra San Francisco (54miles) 2006, Thames Meander (55miles) 2007, Verdon Canyon Challenge (115km) 2008, Self Transcendence (100km) 2009, Norfolk Adventure Hub Ultra (62miles) 2012, Norman Conquest (51mile) 2013,  Self directed run across Grand Canyon (35mile) 2013.



Tim Allardyce

Tim is one of the leading Osteopaths and Physiotherapists in the UK. He currently owns three clinics, which collectively sees over 250 patients per week. Tim is currently working with Britain’s top female Olympic weightlifter, a world top 5 powerlifter, the 6x world champion and current world record holder in powerlifting, 2 British powerlifting champions, 7 tour golf professionals, 8 international sprinters, Britain’s top hammer thrower, Britain’s top discus thrower, and several other Olympic squad athletes. To book an appointment with Tim please go here.

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