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Sunday, Aug 11th, 10:30-12pm Meditation & Teaching with Rachel Boughton


Expect nothing from your life.
Wander the courtyard where you see no one.
How could you ever go astray?
(I Ching 52)

It's good to hold still sometimes, and let the world, the sounds, the trees, the wind and weather, act upon you. It's good to take a break from making sense or doing the right thing.  It's good to just be, once in awhile. 


Monday, Aug 12th, 7-9pm Meditation & Dharma Talk with Rachel Boughton

Abandoned Places

You go to abandoned and overgrown places searching for your true nature. Where then, honored one, is your true nature?

I remember vacant lots from when I was a child. Usually there was an old washing machine or refrigerator there. There were sharp things, trash, mystery, and danger. If you went into such a place you had to leave some part of you behind, and maybe take a risk of being changed. This vacant lot experience keeps on happening, all your life: the relationship that may not have been such a good idea, the new direction that seemed exciting at the time. These are things you have to try in order to know yourself better. A true nature is worth going to such places. Sometimes you walk into it, of your own volition, sometimes it's an accident, sometimes a mistake. And then, since that's the only choice you've got, you get to find out what it's like to be there, to take the trip. 

It's good to include these times in a practice, so come for meditation and bring your wild places, we'll sit together and notice our lives and share the evening together. 



Spread the word:
Office Rental Space is available
at our beautiful Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center.

Shared furnished office space, view of garden and creek, good for psychotherapy, counseling, tutoring. Rent is $150 and covers one day per week for a full month.

Contact for details.

Thanks!   Rachel
A Look Ahead...
Sunday, Aug. 18th, 10:30am - 12pm,
Meditation & Teaching with Susan Perkins
Monday Aug. 19th, 7-9pm

Meditation & Teaching with Amy Robinson
Upcoming Retreats @ PZI

Blossoms, Leaves, Intimate Talks and Moonlit Walks – An Open Mind Retreat with John Tarrant

August 15-18, 2019
Commonweal Center,
Bolinas, CA

In this retreat we’ll look at stories, koans and poems about the intimate moments of life, about how the small, true things give us a joy that is hard to describe or even contain. We’ll consider and perhaps reconsider our own stories about what is possible.

– John Tarrant


Sacha Kawaichi, Registrar

A few spaces left contact Sacha for updates

The Elegant Path of the Book of Serenity

Fall Retreat with John Tarrant & Friends

October 13-20, 2019

Place: Land of Medicine Buddha, Soquel CA. 


The Book of Serenity is collection of 100 koans and poems, which was assembled for Yelu Chucai, a minister of Ghenghis Khan. The book was lost in the wars and rewritten and when it finally arrived out on the steppes, the ministers sat up all night in a yurt reading
and discussing it.

We live in strange times when the old forms are falling away. We might need to find solutions that we couldn’t imagine and were not even looking for. The Book of Serenity is like a great river that carries us, a force greater than our small concerns.

Our long Autumn retreat is a deep exploration of the most important matters with silence, teachings, and intimate conversations with teachers.


REGISTER  Jan Black is our Registrar

Aug. 10th Awakening to Summer -
A Day-long Retreat with Jon Joseph

Awakening, for Yuanwu, and for all of us, is a matter of coming to appreciate that life is ~ in this very moment ~ redolent with a golden richness. This is the season of joy.

REGISTER NOW  Vickie Miller is the registrar


How to Practice:
Stepping in the Dark with A Koan

A Lion's Roar Article by Rachel Boughton
Meet The Teacher

Rachel Boughton, Roshi is the director of the Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center. She is an artist and a mother of two grown children. She has studied philosophy, feminism, theatre, and electronic music composition, and is currently a Jungian therapist in training. Reply to this email to schedule a meeting.
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