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Message from the President & CEO

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season! Despite the cold weather, we hope you are getting outside to enjoy some winter activities and exercise those lungs!

Just a reminder that if you have lung health issues, you want to take some precautions when you go outside in the cold air. Check out our tips in the newsletter. 

National Non Smoking week was last month, and we want to remind everyone that its never too late to quit! This past November, we had 200 people sign up for our Quit Cold Turkey challenge, and we had over 60 people who were able to stay smoke-free for 30 days! Although it takes many people multiple attempts to quit smoking, the key is to never give up trying! We're so proud of everyone in our group that was able to quit!

We would like to remind families that registration for Camp Treasure Chest is now open! If you have a child in your family that is age 7-18, and they suffer from asthma, anaphylaxis or any other lung condition, Camp Treasure Chest is an amazing summer camp experience, where kids can get away from worrying about their illness and just enjoy being kids! This year is the 30th year, the Lung Association of Nova Scotia has been offering this camp.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful Spring season, breathing in our wonderful, fresh, Maritime air!

Yours in lung health,
-Robert MacDonald, President & CEO
Lung Association of Nova Scotia


Lung Transplant Support Fund - helping to ease the burden

Approximately 10-20 Nova Scotians are referred each year for lung transplantation. These patients, who cannot access this surgery in Nova Scotia, are required to relocate within 2.5 hours of the transplant center where they will receive the surgery (either Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or Winnipeg).

In order to help with the costs of relocating, the Lung Association of Nova Scotia offers patients the Lung Transplant Support Fund - which provides up to $500 to help with relocation costs and up to $200 to assist with post-surgical rehabilitation. 
For some patients, deciding to have a transplant is a significant decision that requires serious consideration because: the surgery itself is risky; patients are required to commit to a life-long post-transplant regimen; and transplantation can mean trading one set of medical issues and complications for another. Add to this the financial burden some people face, and it can make lung transplantation a difficult choice for a patient.
Dan MacArthur was facing the difficult decision of a lung transplant just last year. Dan, who suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, was down to 15% lung function. He was unable to walk a few steps without becoming exhausted and out-of-breath. However, when his doctor presented him with the option of lung transplantation in Toronto, which would significantly extend his life, he originally declined because of the financial burden it would cause his family.
“It was only after many tears and fears and fundraising we were ok to go,” said Dan’s wife, Rose. “I hated that money was in the way of us trying to decide whether Dan would get a double lung transplant - money should be the last thing folks worry about when they are faced with this circumstance.”
The Lung Association of Nova Scotia believes no person should have to decline a life-saving intervention like lung transplantation because they are unable to afford it. People interested in applying should visit the LANS website at and fill out an application form.


Saying "Farewell" to our beloved Chair

Andrea Power knows what it's like to lose a loved one to lung disease. Almost six years ago, Andrea lost her mother to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a crippling lung disease that impacts more than 4 million Canadians.

For Andrea, taking an active role in improving lung health in Nova Scotia is a personal mission - and one that she has been passionately dedicated to.

Andrea's Mom, Ellie Dowthwaite, was a former smoker who had developed COPD later in life. In 2011, Ellie signed up for a "Learn To Run" program offered through the Lung Association of Nova Scotia (LANS), in hopes of improving her lung function and learning to better manage her COPD.  Ellie was able to get out to a few "Learn To Run" sessions before her lung function become so bad she was no longer able to. But during the times she did go, she would spend her time walking the Dartmouth Sportsplex indoor track, and chatting with a LANS staff member. The two quickly became fast friends.

Although Ellie was unable to complete the program due to her declining lung function, the Lung Association of Nova Scotia had made a lasting impact on Ellie. She spoke very highly of the organization to her friends and family members, including to her daughter, Andrea. As a result, Andrea decided she would become involved with the organization that had made such an impact on her Mom's life.

Andrea began as a fundraiser for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia, participating in three Runway Runs, always as a top fundraiser. Although incredibly busy
in her role as Associate Secretary, Senate & Manager, Secretariat Operations at Dalhousie, Andrea joined the LANS Board of Directors in 2014. In 2016, she accepted the role of Chair of the Board of Directors. She also joined the National Board for the Canadian Lung Association, leading a task force that would oversee a revitalization effort across Canada for all Provincial Lung Associations.

Andrea's strong leadership and unparallelled understanding of governance provided LANS with much-needed guidance during her tenure as Chair. This accomplishment is something that resonates deeply with Andrea "I am proud I was able to lead the Lung Association of Nova Scotia through a major period of change, and know that the organization has come out stronger, paving the way to a successful future."

Andrea has certainly made an impact - on LANS staff, on other Board members, and on all people who have benefit from the services that the Lung Association of Nova Scotia provides. When asked what she enjoyed most about her work with LANS, Andrea replied "I love knowing that our programs are directly helping people,"  "It's important to let people who suffer from lung disease know, there is an organization that is there for them."

Andrea recently resigned her role as Chair of the Board for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia, as she was presented with an opportunity to join the staff at the University of Calgary, which would allow her to be closer to her grand kids. While her gain is certainly our loss, we wish Andrea all the best in her new ventures and take heart in knowing she will still be connected through her work with the Canadian Lung Association Board of Directors.


The Lung Association of Nova Scotia, together with our partners Pinchin LeBlanc Environmental and NS Public Libraries, have been offering public information sessions to inform Nova Scotians about the risks of radon gas and why it is important to test your homes. Our next radon education session will be:

Sackville Public Library: May 25th, 2:30pm

For more information, please visit

Special thanks to our partners:



Looking for a Valentine's Day Gift

Does your loved one LOVE to golf? Links Fore Lungs has over 100 BOGO green fee offers at courses around Nova Scotia and beyond. Plus, there are other offers including stay-and-plays, golf instruction, mini putt and more! All funds raised stay in Nova Scotia and are used to improve lung health in our province.

To buy a Links Fore Lungs book, visit

Scotiabank Blue Nose Charity Challenge

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia is once again signed up for the Scotiabank Blue Nose Charity Challenge. We're looking for people who want to join an enthusiastic group of supporters, looking to have fun while raising funds to support lung health in Nova Scotia! If you are interested in becoming part of our Lung Runners team, click this link and follow the instructions to SIGN UP

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