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Sipsmith & Gingerline Present: Juniper Manor

(but you didn't hear it from us)

Juniper Manor - Gingerline

History shows us that when we collaborate, great things can happen.

We've had Ben and Jerry, Rolls and Royce, and even Paul and Barry Chuckle cash in on the power of a well thought-out team up.

And now it's Gingerline and Sipsmith's time to shine.

One the passionate pioneers of the gin revival, and the other, the original immersive dining trailblazers known for eccentric theatre, utmost secrecy and outrageous sets; the two have come together to create The Secret Soiree at Juniper Manor, running over a series of dates starting on the 10th June - which is coincidentally on the same date as this year's World Gin Day.

Problem is, we can't really tell you much about it. 

As is Gingerline's mantra; 'loose lips sink ships' - pretty much all the information (including the location and theme) is held back until the night of the event. 

What we do know: The Secret Soiree will be a place for discovery, for experimentation and for other worldly delights. And for the first time, Gingerline will open Juniper Manor to guests just wanting to visit the bar. Those that stumble through the doors of this mysterious hideaway will receive a delicious welcome drink and tuck into a complementary food and gin pairing plate - all whilst revelling in the bar's secret surroundings, in the company of some of the Manor's outlandish resident historians. The encouraged dress code of the experience is black and white attire, in any form you see fit - so go wild with monocles, neckties and any other fancy accessories you've got knocking around.

What we don't know: basically everything else.

Bar-only tickets are £18 and include access into the Juniper Manor Bar, a welcome drink and a food and gin pairing plate, plus live interactions and games with some of the Manor's resident historians. 

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