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In Night's Darkling Glory

An immersive music experience

In Night's Darkling Glory

If the famed tales of Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere or even Katie and Peter have taught us anything, it's that history's greatest love stories all have their fair share of tragedy. 

Case in point: the twisted saga of doomed yesteryear lovers, Tristan and Isolde.

Fusing mystical set design from Darling and Edge (the designers behind Planet Gingerline and Alice's Adventures Underground), epic live sets from The Arensky Chamber Orchestra, and a themed feast courtesy of MasterChef Champion Natalie Coleman, In Night's Darkling Glory takes its guests on an immersive journey via the couple's turbulent tale.

Think theatrical storytelling, musical performances and an all-you-can-eat traditional hog roast (...or veggie equivalent) feast on the night, alongside three storeys of arcane magic-filled set to explore - with each space playing an integral role in the story.


Oh you should be.

Intrigued enough to buy a ticket?

Yeah, again - you should be, two of the four dates are already sold out.

In Night's Darkling Glory is taking place across four dates between 19th - 22nd October, hosted from their secret hideaway near to London Bridge.

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