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Dinner Time Story

Le Petit Chef - In The Footsteps Of Marco Polo

Dinner Time Story - Le Petit Chef

Living in 2017 is a mixed bag.

On the one hand the world is, well, a bit of a mess, but on the other, we're making the most of technical advances previously unfathomable to generations before us.

Today, you can use technology to live-translate your voice into another language, you can order a McDonald's straight to your door, and you can even enjoy your dinner whilst following the adventures of a miniature animated chef, clambering all over your table as you go.

Hot off the heels from huge success in Dubai and around the world, Dinner Time Story has finally arrived in London, using state-of-the-art visual technology and interactive storytelling to bring diners a completely unique, multi-sensory (and very 2017) experience.

Each tablecloth acts as the screen, where guests follow the exploits of Marco Polo on a journey along the famed Silk Road, spanning Marseilles, Arabia, the Himalayas and China. Whilst chowing down on a specially-curated six course menu and paired cocktails, Le Petit Chef will be transforming the scene and guiding you through every element of the expedition. 

The future has arrived, and it is tiny.


(Better yet, book with DesignMyNight for any upcoming Wednesday, and the little guy will knock £15 off each ticket).

Dinner Time Story takes place at T.T. Liquor in Shoreditch every Wednesday and Friday. For a taster, watch the video here. 

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