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Pizza Pilgrims West India Quay

'Your best night in, out'.

Pizza Pilgrims West India Quay

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of 'pilgrim' is 'a person who makes a journey - often a long and difficult one - to a special place for religious reasons'.

Similarly, 'Pizza Pilgrims' is defined in the same publication as 'a group of people responsible for pizzas so good they'll make you cry, who are currently on a hell-bent mission to take over the country with their arsenal of cheese-soaked slices of heaven and non-fuss approach to eating out'.

And taking over they certainly are. 

Having already opened in five key plots across London, Pizza Pilgrims' latest opening in Canary Wharf is possibly their best yet. Not content with just their signature offering of bespoke, mouth-watering pizzas, the recently opened Pizza Pilgrims West India Quay also fronts a huge outdoor terrace overlooking the water, a standalone bar for drinks-only, and most excitingly for the big kids out there - a 'Pizza Playground'.

Bringing together a massive foosball table, retro pinball machines, an outdoor bocce ball court, a fully kitted-out Nintento gaming system, and a private den for bigger groups - think of this playground as the space you'd have dreamt up in your teenage 'when-I'm-an-adult-my-house-will-look-like-this' days.

Except this time, you can drink.


Pizza Pilgrims West India Quay is now open. Book in until the end of May and you'll receive a complimentary Limoncello and Tonic for every pizza you buy - only when booking in advance via DesignMyNight.

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