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Neverland London

Beach, please.

Neverland London

In a city as expensive as London, BYOB restaurants are a sacred thing to be held in the highest esteem.

But BYOB beaches are even better.

Popping up in Fulham for the duration of summer, Neverland London is offering just that -bringing together street food, music, palm trees, beer pong, white sandy shores and a bring-your-own alcohol policy normally reserved for your local Vietnamese restaurant.

Packed out with bookable beach huts, deckchairs, communal feasting tables and plenty of space to stretch out, Neverland's concept is simple. Just bring along your drink of choice, then once inside it's up to you how you spend your time; whether that's catching rays on the beach, making the most of their 'Beach Butler' service, or just annoying the mixologists at the 'Unleaded Bar' to mix you up a bespoke tipple or two.

Also fronting a selection of eats from street food favourites Le Rac Shack, The Duck Truck and Taco Dave, this West London hideaway will run from the start of May until October, and is fully equipped to deal with any sort of weather the British summer might throw at it.

Which is handy.

Neverland London opens on 10th May and runs until 3rd October, Wednesday - Saturday. Advanced tickets start from £5, and allow you to bring in wines, beers or spirits (but no soft drinks or food).

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