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Secret Theatre: Project Mayhem

'Buy the ticket, take the ride'

Secret Theatre: Project Mayhem

The first rule of this newsletter is: you do not talk about this newsletter.

The second rule is: you DO NOT talk about this newsletter.

And the third is: to ignore the first two rules, as quite frankly that's just not how content marketing works these days and the event we're writing to tell you about tends to sell out quite quickly. 

Back for another round of immersive storytelling - this time hosted from a dilapidated warehouse space in Dalston - Secret Theatre are gearing up for the launch of their latest adventure: 'Project Mayhem'. Combining site-specific set design with roaming characters, this creative collective are known for their unique brand of experiential theatre, selling out shows in London, Hong Kong, New York and more.

Their next offering will see an interactive adaptation of one of modern history's most twisted tales of fraternity, violence and all-out psychological warfare. Project Mayhem will completely engulf its guests as part of the set and story, encouraging them along the way to interact with the characters and carefully-created surroundings.

The exact location and details of the event are revealed on the night, but ahead of the experience there's probably only one question you need to consider.

Are you a lover, or are you a fighter?

Because it will matter here.

Secret Theatre: Project Mayhem takes place on various dates between 1st - 20th August. A limited amount of early bird tickets are available. Full location details are released after purchase.

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