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Educational activities to do with your whanau

Our Small Changes website was created to help families find the learning in activities you do at home while spending more quality time together.
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Check out some of our activity ideas
Story time - Not wrong, just different from me
In this video Harold and our Educator Maria share a story about how we are all special and unique. 

Once you have watched the video give these activities a try:
  • Work through Harold's learning experience we're all unique with your family here.
  • What parts of your personality do you love? Work through the activity Personality - Mine and Harold's here.
  • Check out the video from Sesame Street What I am here.
Appreciate what we have now

Talk with someone older than you about what things were like when they were your age.  What was different and what was the same?
You could ask questions like:
  • What was it like to go to school?
  • How did they communicate with people that lived far away?
  • How did they listen to music?
  • What was their favourite food?
  • What activities did they look to to do in the weekend?
  • What chores did they have to do around the house?
​Maybe you could give someone a call on the phone that you haven't talked to in awhile. Do you have a grandparent, family friend or neighbour you could ask these questions?
Nourish: Make a menu

It's important that we nourish our bodies by eating a balanced diet.
  • Read through Harold's Fact Sheet A balanced diet and give his quiz a try here.
  • Once you've read the Fact Sheet have a try at writing your own menu of nutritious foods to eat for each meal of the day here.
  • Learn more about food and nutrition on Harold's Food Analyser here.
Move: What is energy?
We need to look after our bodies to keep us healthy and to give us energy to do all the things we love. This is just like how a car needs fuel for energy to run. 
  • Read through our Fact Sheet What is energy? then give Harold's quiz a try here.
  • Once you've read the Fact Sheet try this activity.
Be sure to check out Small Changes for lots more fun activity ideas from Life Education Trust!
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