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PRESENTATION | Yersterday we said…

The European Academy of Yuste was set up over a quarter of a century ago. On that already distant 1992, of so many commemorations, the World was very different to how it is in 2020; better or worse, but truly different. The distance between that yesterday and this today is greater than the merely chronological one, because they are separated by a phenomenon that has changed everything: the technological revolution of the Internet. However, let us first look into yesterday.

ACADEMY | Rebeca Grynspan

The release of the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation’s Digital Newsletter means moving a step forward in the evolution of this emblematic institution and a manifestation of the interregional and international vocation that characterises this new stage of its history once the merger between the European Academy of Yuste and the Extremaduran Centre for Studies and Cooperation with Ibero-America took place.

ALUMNI NETWORK | Polly Ruth Polak

Last month, the United Kingdom (UK) held its first December election since 1923. It was also its third general election in five years. A snap election —one held earlier than scheduled by law (every five years in Britain)—, is generally called by a Prime Minister (PM) to capitalize on an unusual electoral opportunity or to decide a pressing issue. In this case, the election was to revolve around the one single issue that has been at the centre of every political discussion and decision in the UK since 23 June 2016: Brexit.

INTERVIEW | Natalia K. Denisova

Natalia K. Denisova is Russian, but only according to her surname, because she uses Cervantes’ language in her everyday life. She speaks and writes Spanish with such fluency that her accent is only noticeable in some consonants. She intones energetically and her light blue eyes show curiosity and eagerness to explain her great passion for philosophers, thinkers and historians from Spanish America, who she feels special devotion for.

AGENDA | Call for the 14th Carlos V European Award

The European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation established the ‘Carlos V European Award’ in order to reward the work of people, organisations, projects, or initiatives which through their efforts and dedication have contributed to the general knowledge and enhancement of Europe’s cultural, social, scientific, and historical values, as well as to the process of European construction and integration. It now launches its fourteenth edition.

PUBLICATIONS | Filosofía de la Historia de America: los cronistas de indias en el pensamiento español

This thesis is a canon, catalogue or dictionary of chroniclers of the Indies. It is an indispensable work for the history of Spanish and Spanish American thought as well as for the development of historical science as such. Thus, a biographic dictionary of Chroniclers of the Indies is published. The underlying thread of this work goes through the historiography of the Discovery. This review has a multidisciplinary character, especially useful for the construction of a philosophy of American history.

REMEMBERING | Margarita Salas

Women and science: past, present and future
Women’s role in sciences began to take hold with the feminist revolution of the first half of the 20th century. (Pliegos de Yuste, nº 4 - 2006)

VIDEO | Marcelino Oreja

Mr. Oreja, winner of the 11th Carlos V European Award, shared his time with ten young researchers at the Carlos V European Award – Marcelino Oreja Doctoral Seminar, organised by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation, which took place from 19 to 21 June 2019 at the Royal Monastery of Yuste.

We spoke to him in order to know his opinion on what he thought about the work done by Yuste Foundation and the Doctoral Seminar that brings together ten European young researchers.

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