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Newsletter 2019

The primary goal of our group is to study everyday decisions that influence long-term well-being. We design and test experimentally policies based on behavioral insights that help to promote healthy aging. Healthy aging is not only about the genes we are born with, but also about the choices, we make through our daily life. The group designs, conducts and evaluates a series of interventions based on behavioral insights to steer people towards a higher well-being.
Meet us
Visit from Erez Yoeli 
The 6th of March we got a visit from Erez Yoeli at Center for Economic behavior and Inequality (CEBI). Erez Yoeli is a research associate at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Erez came to present his intervention on Mobile Self-verification and Support for Successful Tuberculosis Treatment at the Mærsk Tower. 
Workshop on Behavioral Insights for Healthy Aging 2019
The Piovesan group of the Center for Healthy Ageing hosted a 2-day workshop (27-28th of November) on Behavioral insights applied to Healthy ageing at the Mærsk Tower. World’s leading experts in behavioral economics and practitioners were brought together for the workshop. 
On the first day, we had multiple presentations from our international and Danish invited speakers on various topics related to Healthy Ageing. The first day was concluded with a nice dinner and a quiz based on research from the field of behavioral economics. 
On the second day, Sarah Zaccagni guided a discussion between practitioners and researchers, with the challenging aim of bridging the scientific world with the “real” world. The brainstorming also involved how to design a series of behavioral interventions to promote healthy ageing.
As of October 1st 2019, Sarah is a post-doc for this research project. We asked Sarah about her research interests:

"I am especially interested in Behavioral Economics, Health Economics and and Economics of Education. I enjoy working on applied questions using observational and experimental data. I look forward to use my knowledge to do research on behavioral insights on Healthy Aging". 
In addition to employing Sarah, we hired 4 student assistants. Iben is studying a bachelor's degree in political science. Jasmin is studying a master's degree in economics. Stinna is studying a master's degree in software design. Amalie-Maria is studying a master's degree in economics. (Top-left to bottom-right)
Goals for 2020
For 2020 we have 3 main things that we would like to work on:
  • Literature review: We will publish a review on the current literature on behavioral interventions applied to or with a focus on healthy aging. 
  • Make an intervention: the main focus ofthe intervention will be loneliness in elder people as well as measuring their preferences before and after the intervention. We will conduct a series of lab experiments to test this. 
  • Events: We would like to invite practitioners to a presentation and engage in a discussion with them on their perspectives on the big challenges for healthy aging from their point of view. Furthermore, would like to host a workshop on register data focusing on Danish register data, to teach and learn more about how to access the data. 
Other happenings in 2019
  • Marco went to Turin in April at Collegio Carlo Alberto where he met Sarah.
  • In December, the annual Advisory Board Meeting was held, where Marco, Christina and Sarah held a small presentation.
  • We started on reviewing literature and create a database with the behavioral interventions on health and healthy ageing. The purpose of the literature review is to write a paper with the relevant literature on the topic. 
  • Marco was appointed to the steering committee as one of two representatives for the Track 2 of the Center for Healthy Ageing's project: retirement and transitions.
  • We began putting together a list of practitioners. The list includes important persons with an interest in healthy ageing e.g. politicians, people working in the health sector etc. We would like to collaborate with practitioners for our upcoming interventions in 2020, and invite them to attend in future workshops/events.

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