Health for all
The O&G Magazine website has recently published a series of short interviews with College members who have contributed time and expertise to a variety of global health initiatives. Catch up with some reading and prepare to be inspired.

Health for all: An interview with A/Prof John Svigos

Health for all: An interview with Dr Miriam O'Connor

Health for all: An interview with Dr Jared Watts
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Just another day in Jahun Paradise?
Dr Jared Watts
Nigeria is ranked as one of the 20 worst places in the world to give birth, with a country-wide maternal mortality rate of 820 per 100,000 people. However, there is a large disparity across the country, with local figures in northern Nigeria demonstrating a staggering stillbirth rate of 15 per cent.
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Birthing kits: a creation story
Dr Joy O'Hazy
While an intern, I researched working in Africa, but was always asked if I was a specialist or had management skills or spoke another language. I decided on two specific responses: I would endeavour to work in the field, but also put together a birthing kit that would be useful for mothers.
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Caesarean in Indonesia
A/Prof Chris Wilkinson
A/Prof John Svigos
Indonesia faces the development question of how to ensure that obstetric interventions, such as caesarean section, are appropriately available and not overused.
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Contraception in remote PNG
Dr Gregory Jenkins
Overcoming the logistical barriers to the provision of contraception is having many beneficial knock-on effects, including preventing maternal mortality.
Featured contributor
   A/Prof John Svigos
A/Prof John Svigos AM has been in private practice in Adelaide as an obstetrician and gynaecologist since July 1978, having completed his training in the specialty in South Australia and South Africa. He was a Senior Visiting Obstetrician at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1978 – 1988 and from then until now is a Senior Obstetrician at Women’s and Children’s Hospital (formerly the Queen Victoria Hospital). He has special interests in high-risk obstetrics, laparoscopic surgery and vaginal reconstructive surgery and the surgical correction of urinary incontinence.
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