Change your life with an Akashic Reading with Christine!
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Are you ready to know yourself at soul level?

An Akashic Reading will

give you 
deep insights into who you really are, 

create clarity about your curent life experiences


release blocks that have been keeping you from 

fully living the life that you know is meant for you!

This Akashic Reading is for you if:

  • you are aware that you create your experience
  • you choose to live consciously
  • you want to be your best self and create your bliss
  • you desire abundance, freedom and joy in your life
  • you are courageous enough to hear how you have participated in holding yourself back in one or more areas of your life 
  • You want specific knowledge that empowers you to take new action that is aligned to your unique soul's fulfillment


This Akashic Reading is NOT for you if:

  • you think your life is already mapped out for you, you have no choice and things happen TO you 
  • you live mainly from your mind power with your ego as the boss
  • you want to follow the status quo
  • you prefer to keep things as they have always been
  • you are unwilling to take steps toward creating change for yourself
  • you would rather blame people and circumstance for any thing in your life that you do not like

If this opportunity resonates with you,
you can get started by clicking on the box below....

Once you make payment,
Christine will contact you for your personal information,
your specific intentions

and to set up a time for your Akashic Reading over Skype.

Your call will be recorded for a lifetime of beneficial future referencing. 

Yes I would like to order my Level 1 or 2 Akashic Reading $550
Yes I would like to order my Level 1&2 Akashic Reading $995
I would like Christine to contact me about an Akashic Reading

Level 1 - Soul Profile $550
This reading is the 1st step to knowing & honoring yourself at soul level

This 40 minute Akashic Reading will inform you of
your divine nature at soul level
what you need to know to make the right choices
to honor, embrace and express
your Soul Essence
in your daily life
for increased abundance, joy, clarity and freedom!


Level 2 - Past Choices $550
This reading is the next step to changing your "now" by understanding the "how" 

This 40 minute Akashic Reading will inform you of
how, through choice and ensuing consequence,
you shape your personal experiences
to create the circumstances you are currently living now
what new choices are available to you
that will break your old patterns and stories.

Level 1 & 2 - Soul Profile & Past Choices $995

This reading is the whole enchilada in one meal 
- be prepared to make big changes from knowledge of your soul and your past

During this 70 minute Akashic Reading, 
you will see the whole picture at once of
who you are as a divine being
gain the knowledge of
where you have dishonoured your soul
so you can choose new aligned actions

and empower your soul connection
effectively from here forward


All Level 1 & 2 Akashic Readings include:

  • A 40-minute Akashic Reading live via Skype with Christine
  • A clearing & healing prayer made on your behalf
  • An audio recording of your Akashic Reading sent via email
  • Follow-up homework for you to do for 21 day
  • Daily Balancing healing sessions from completion of payment through until completion of your 21 day of homework ($100 value)
  • A distant recorded personal Energy Alignment Session ($300 value) upon notification of the completion of your 21 days of homework

With all Level 1 & 2 Akashic Readings,
we will collaboratively take action 
to clear your Akashic records of current negative influences
created by past choices
so you may more easily make new choices
with conscious understanding
and shift your current life experience
- this can include money, health, love, relationships, career, etc!

Ongoing Coaching services will be made available to assist you
with effectively applying this information on a day-to-day basis!

Level 3 Akashic Reading Options

Options include:
resolving Romantic Relationship imbalances 
making Spirit Guide connections 
engaging powerfully with your unique Life Themes 
gaining clarity about Future Choices 
creating a thriving Aligned Business
...and more!

Please contact Christine to discuss which option in Level 3 is most aligned for you!
Note: Level 1& 2 Akashic Readings are pre-requisites for most Level 3 options 

Yes I would like to order my Akashic Reading $550
Yes I would like to order my Level 1&2 Akashic Reading $995
I would like Christine to contact me about an Akashic Reading

What are the Akashic Records?


In short, the Akashic Records are an energetic database
that hold a record of all the choices
anyone has ever made
possibilities of choices to be made!


Each of us has our own Soul Story
in this Spiritual Library!


When we access this record with sacred respect
and the sincere desire to improve our divinely human creative experience,

we gain clarity and wisdom, 

new choices can be made, 

the energy of our story shifts

and our life experience is elevated to places we could not go before!

Christine Barrie

Energy Alignment Master
Soul Realignment Advanced Practitioner
BodyTalk Practitioner & Instructor

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