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Content of the News Letter 

1. Enhancement of  Manufacturing Capabilities


New Factory of AMCON INC JAPAN has been completed !

Now, we have 2 factories in YOKOHAMA to manufacture wider range of products.

This enhancement shall provide better service and quality to our clients and we are ready to receive
more orders from YOU!
●Image of New Factory 
●Exterior of New Factory 

2. NEW SBR System in BOHOL ISLAND for
    Nitrogen & Phosphate Removal has been completed

●Designed Capacity:60 cum/day
●GS-101 Model(Standard Capacity:4.5 kg-DS/h)

■Back Ground of the Project

The Environmental Regulation issued by the Philippines Government requires us to minimize Environmental Pollution and nowadays all of our clients are trying to meet it as soon as possible.

Especially, the removal of P & N is one of the most difficult part and they are struggling with the very strict limitation of the Effluent standards.

With regards to this point, one of our clients, Phil-Japan Worldwide Management Services Inc, has done the great achievement at BOHOL NEW CAPITOL STP where GS-101 has been installed.

■PJW's Challenge

The problem of SBR is that the process cannot make "Anoxic" condition in the process which means it is hard to remove P&N by the system only.

However, PJW sticks to biological treatment by SBR process because it has the following advantages.

1. The system can save huge space because all of the process can be done in ONE tank.
2. Biological Treatment will give much less secondary pollution to the Environment.

In fact, there is a treatment process by chemical to remove such matters but it would make more pollution because it is not organic product.

Based on their concepts, they successfully developed "SIMULATOR" which can mechanically make "Anoxic" condition in SBR Process which is effective to remove P & N from waste water.

●Conventional SBR Process
●"Oxic" condition can be confirmed in each cycle so there is no chance to remove "P & N".
●Anoxic condition is confirmed by the SIMULATOR control.
■Result of the Project

PJW was able to make "Anoxic" condition in SBR Process by the installation of SIMULATOR only.

As a result, P & N removal by SIMULATOR was achieved as shown in the below line charts and
each result passed DENR Standrd so their challenge was successful.

It also means that existing waste water treatment plants can be upgraded by the SIMULATOR to remove
P & N without constructions of new plants. 
●Nitrogen Removal was confirmed under the Anoxic conditions.
●Phosphate was also removed by their SIMULATOR.
■Future Prospective of PJW

After the success of NEW SBR trial at the STP, they are now trying to construct another STP in BOHOL with NEW SBR System supported by JICA.

This effective and environmental friendly system can be applied for any WWTP and the difficulty of the removal of P & N can be solved by the NEW SBR Treatment Process.

PJW is now using VOLUTE™ Dewatering press to supply more Economical and Environemtal Friendly Design for Waste Water Treatment.

If you are facing such problems of both P & N Removal and Sludge Management, their system is going to be your SOLUTION!!

For VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press:

3. NEW INSPECTION GUIDE has been released!

Our New Inspection Guide has been released to support our clients.

Even if AMCON staffs could not visit & check units at sites, operators can easily check if your VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press is running properly by using the guide.
The Guide actualizes lots of TIME saving.

Our clients can use it at their sites and follow the instructions which will take 30 min as maximum.

If there are any concerns about the inspection works, you can contact AMCON INC and we support you immediately.
Please contact AMCON for the Guide !!
One of the best ways to get to know what is all about
What is VOLUTE ?
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