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Candidates lose their elections for a variety of reasons.

Here are three common mistakes of losing candidates:
  1. Failure to develop in advance a comprehensive campaign plan, including a timetable and a realistic budget.
  2. Spending too much of the campaign funds on paid media and polling and not enough on building a grassroots organization of large numbers of people in campaign activities.
  3. Failure to respond properly to continuing negative information, whether from an opponent, the news media or both. Ignoring a continuing negative issue won't make it go away.
All of these come down to one simple fact... When you are prepared for potential problems, you can avoid the most common mistakes. 

You can start late, but you can't start too early. The Future Candidate School is designed to help you prepare for your future campaign. It will help you avoid the common mistakes other candidates made. 

You will be prepared and have a plan.
Future Candidate School
When: Tuesday, May 2 - Friday, May 5
Where: Leadership Institute 
1101 N Highland St, Arlington, VA
Cost: $200 or $250 after April 17 (includes meals and free housing)

LI’s unique Future Candidate School teaches potential candidates the steps to take now to ensure a winning campaign in the future.  The training focuses on your personal and political preparation for a future career in elected office.

The nation’s top campaign experts and leading political consultants will show you how to prepare yourself for a successful candidacy.
You will learn to:
  • Develop the attributes of effective candidates
  • Build a strong base of grassroots support
  • Define and polish your message
  • Raise funds

I look forward to seeing you at the Future Candidate School.
Angel Chitnatham
Political Training Director
Leadership Institute

P.S. Avoid the mistakes of losing candidates and learn to win. The Future Candidates School is a four-day training designed to take potential candidates through the steps to take now to ensure a winning campaign in the future.

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