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Hello Paul,

We are seeing an increase in cases of groups attempting to impersonate ATO officers in order to commit fraud.

These scammers have been contacting taxpayer via telephone, email and text message to request for payment.

Please be advised that if AustAsia is acting as your tax agent, we will normally be the first point of contact for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), hence it is highly unlikely that you would receive any direct contact from the ATO.

We strongly encourage you to forward through any suspicious correspondence (without opening any attachments), or advise us if you have received a call from anyone claiming to be from the ATO so that we can check the authenticity of the correspondence.

If you have received a phone message, please do not call back and forward through the number to us so that we can investigate further for you.

Should you have any queries in relation to the above notice, please contact our Client Services Team on (08) 9227 6300 or via email to clientservices@austasiagroup.com.

Kind Regards,

Simon Chesson

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